Ambre Gris – 2018 – Symbol Of Domination

S= SunStare>>PEB>>SunStare
G= R – Le Complot Des Lepreux>>SYMPTHOM>>Le Complot Des Lepreux
B= J
D= N

This is a black metal band that was founded in Lille in 2009.A self-titled demo came together in 2012. Trou Noir Metal was a 2015 demo. The end of 2018 brought a full-length. Only guitarist R was left from the original line-up.

The act loves to adorn its faces with war paint.


This France-based quintet brings a solid release to the fore here that, while not the type of catchy and easy listening that would have the listener nodding immediately, has enough depth and quality to grab the attention of those who like their metal underground, extreme and with a fair amount of originality.
Edremerion operates in French and so discerning meaning and understanding the themes may be difficult for non-Francophones, but it is almost certain that despite the assertions of the press this is not a black metal band. There is no indication anywhere of Satanic praise that this reviewer could find. In fact, the band sings of lepers, the waste matter of dolphins and a spaceship into the stars. The original themes is accompanied by elaborate lyrics and sketches in the CD’s booklet.
Musically, there are hints of philosophical thought and avant-garde tendencies in these songs, but the songs and their parts range from early Enslaved, to Satyricon and Dissection and Sweden’s Dawn when the band gets going. The vocals are harsh and brutal. The speed varies, but could reach awesome velocities. The production is cooperative some of the time and uncooperative at others. The drums, in particular, are underserved, muffled and mechanical.
Ambre Gris – apparently the offal of whales prized by perfume chemists – clocks in at forty-three minutes with only five tracks. This is how the act gives itself room to include a variety of moods into the respective songs. Here is a riddle. How many birds is that on the cover? – Ali “The Metallian”