Evil Forces - 2003 - Season Of Mist
Modified Poison - 2008 - Thundering
The Curse Of The C**t, - 2014 – Mausoleum
Demonikhol – 2015 – Mausoleum
Mindbender – 2021 - Mighty

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Thunder Circus, Liquid Indian, Voivod, Project: Failing Flesh, Borislav Mitic, Master's Ashes>>ERIC FORREST>>Project: Failing Flesh, Borislav Mitic, Master's Ashes

Entropy>>Dan Lauzon - Homicide>>Bryan Donahue - Hangar 18>>Cyril Bernhardt – Ouroboros, Evilness>>SÉBASTIEN CHIFFOT>>Evilness

Thunder Circus, Liquid Indian, Voivod, Project: Failing Flesh, Borislav Mitic>>ERIC FORREST>>Project: Failing Flesh, Borislav Mitic

Genetic Control, Borislav Mitic >>Louis Levesque>>Borislav Mitic, Entropy - Boris Lugan>>Angelizer – Pslam, Morning Rise, Fornication, Ad Patres, Seth, Enthroned>>Alsvid [Yannick Herrera]>>Fornication, Ad Patres, Seth – Blessed In Sin, K-Lomny, Emptyness, Catacomb, Maleficum Orgia, Angher, Aigro Mucifelam>>KROF [CHRISTOPHE BEARD]>>Maleficum Orgia, Angher, Aigro Mucifelam - PATRICK FRIEDRICH

History & Biography
E-Force was formed once singer Eric Forrest left Voivod and searched for a newer musical outlet for himself. A Voivod band meeting in March of 2001 was convened where it was announced that the band would fold. Forrest and the rest of the band had been inactive following an accident while on the road in Europe.

Using his nickname for the band's moniker, Forrest recruited several acquaintances and quickly released a demo backed by a drum machine. A second demo soon followed this time featuring drummer Levesque. The demo made it to a French radio show, which passed on the music to the Season Of Mist label. The label offered the Canadians a recording contract. The band's debut was released in the autumn of 2003. Evil Forces was recorded by Pierre Remillard (Cryptopsy, Gorguts, etc.).

Eric Forrest moved to France in early 2004 and the band's line-up was also altered. According to the singer, "Due to personal and business reasons I have relocated to France. Toulouse that is. I got married to Nathalie Denaclara (fmr 89.1/Havana-cafe.fr) last September." The new E-Force line-up is as follows: Eric Forrest (bass/vocals), Lewis Leveque (drums), Denis Rousell and Yann Ploquin both on guitar. The new line-up's debut is May 17th at Havana-café in Toulouse with Impaled Nazarene and Scarve. The new compositions are heavier and faster than the last recorded E-Force songs..." The band signed a three-album deal with France's Thundering Records in 2006. Modified Poison was due to be issued in 2007, but appeared in 2008.

E-Force was recording its third album, entitled The Curse Of The C**t, in late 2013. The band was looking for a label for its 2014 record. The band was on a Necrodeath cover’ album in 2017. Guitarist Danny Lauzon returned to E-Force for the band’s Canadian tour of November and December 2017. Mighty Music signed E-Force in 2021 and would issue its Mindbender album in November.