Egypt - 1988 - HTD
Preserving The Dead - 1994 - HTD
Midnight Sun - 2004 - Blues Matters
Blues Kerosene - 2010 - Stable
Live In Jena - 2013 - Stable

Egypt image
S= Ztormtrooper, Shattered, Valhalla>>Ryka [Dave Howard]>>Ztormtrooper, Sine, Krysis - ALAN FISH

G= Groundhogs, The Gunslingers, Periphery>>ERIC THE BASTARD CHIPULINA>>Groundhogs

B= Groundhogs, Tredegar, Dumpys Rusty Nuts>>ALAN FISH>>Groundhogs

D= Shattered, The Gunslinger>>Peter Chichon>>Breed 77 - Groundhogs>>PETER CORREA>>Groundhogs

History & Biography
The band was formed in London, England in late 1987. Alan Fish was searching for musicians to form a band and recruited drummer Peter Chichon. Fish had been in Tredegar with former Budgie men. Chichon had also been in a couple of bands with guitarist Chipulina. Also joining was singer Ryka who had been in Shattered with Peter Chichon previously. These London hard rockers had an EP called Crazy Horses and utilized Paul Samson as their producer. UK gigs ensued.The singer left due to a lack of momentum and started a solo career. The band's soundman Dick Wilson became the second guitarist for a while too.

Tony McPhee of Groundhogs would also hire the group as its backing band a couple of times. Chris Bennett of Samson and Paul Di'Anno would drum for the band to start the 1990s. With line-up shuffles, Egypt became a trio of three former Groundhogs. This was a blues rock band as Egypt's sound became bluesier overtime as well. Live In Jena was recorded in Germany. The band has gigged in many European countries.