Seeds Of Rage - 1995 - Inside Out
Headquake - 1997 - Inside Out
El Niño -1998 - Inside Out
Reverse - 2001 - Pick Up
Portrait Of The Abyss Within - 2004 - LMP
Neighbourhell - 2006 - LMP
Blackenday - 2007 - Inside Out
Livequake – 2008 - LMP
Gaia's Legacy - 2011 - Scarlet
Tasting The Tears – 2014 – Scarlet
Underlying Issues – 2015 – Scarlet
Cracksleep – 2018 – Scarlet
EOS – 2020 - Scarlet

Eldritch image
Vicious Mary, Secret Sphere, Fear Of Fours>>Terence Holler [Mario Tarantola]>>Vicious Mary, Secret Sphere, Fear Of Fours

Nightingale, Zeus>>EUGENE SIMONE - Roberto 'Peck' Proietti>>Kill Ritual – Sayan, In Memory>>RUDJ GINANNESCHI>>In Memory

Icycore>>Lisa Oliveiro>>Icycore – Nightingale, Through The Myst>>Martin Khyn>>Through The Myst - John Crystal – Ensight, Wind Rose>>Alessio Consani>>Ensight – Orodreth, Exence, Sextum Sepulcrum, Suicidal Causticity, Subhuman, Ade>>DARIO LASTRUCCI>>Sextum Sepulcrum, Suicidal Causticity, Subhuman, Ade

Adriano Del Canto - Noctifera, Secret Sphere, Death SS>>Dave Simeone>>Death SS – Ensight>>RAFAHELL DRIDGE>>Ensight

Oleg Smirnoff [Giacomo Biagini]>>Vision Divine, Death SS, Anger, Shining Fury, L'Impero Delle Ombre, Labÿrinth - Vicious Mary>>Sean Henderson>>Vicious Mary – Domine, Ensight>>Gabriele Caselli>>Ensight - Vision Divine, Death SS, Anger, Shining Fury, L'Impero Delle Ombre, Labÿrinth>>OLEG SMIRNOFF [GIACOMO BIAGINI]>>Labÿrinth

History & Biography
Formed as Zeus by Holler, Simone and Del Canto, the band’s monicker was inspired by a Watchtower song and changed its name and released a demo entitled Eternal Mission. Winners of an Italian band contest, the group released an album on Inside Out called Seeds Of Rage. Following El Niño the band switched keyboardists. The appropriately named Reverse ushered in a new and American/Italian drummer (the older one had severe injuries and pain) and adapted a new style closer to a mix of mallcore and thrash metal. To confirm the new commercialism, the band also recorded another cover song and shot a video. A second guitarist was added for the Reverse tour. Neighbourhell was recorded at multiple studios and released in March of 2006. Eldritch replaced drummer Dave Simeone with Raffahell Dridge in the summer of 2007. The band released its seventh album, Blackenday, in April through Inside Out Music. Eldritch was in the studio in 2010 recording its eighth album for Diversity Media/LMP. "The title [of the new CD] will probably be 'Gaia's Legacy' and it will mark the return to the early era of the band with a modern sound. For this purpose the band announced Fab 'Shiver' Muratori [Nhorizon] at the keyboards." The band was booked for Progpower U.S.A. fest in September 2011.

Livequake was a double-live CD recorded in Italy. In 2011, Eldritch signed a deal with Scarlet Records for the release of its album, Gaia's Legacy, a concept album dealing with global warming based on Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth. The group flew to perform in the USA. in 2013.

Tasting The Tears was again on Scarlet. John Crystal was out after 10 years with the band. Keyboard man Caselli was gone by the time Underlying Issues arrived. Alessio Consani was on bass here. The band played two shows as guests for Russell Allen’s Metal for autism tour in 2017. Gabriele Caselli was asked to return to play session man for Cracksleep. After an absence of 20 years, Oleg Smirnoff re-joined for Eos in 2019. Dario Lastrucci was on bass. Marco Biagioli was announced as the live singer in 2022. Holler had opted to leave after 30 years with the group. The band decided to forge ahead. Holler was to be the subject of a documentary by or Alberto Bogo who described the man as a singer and restaurateur. Oleg injured his shoulder and missed a gig. The group was booked for Horns Up Festival in Greece in September 2022. Eldritch recruited singer Alex Jarusso (ex-Shining Fury) in the winter of 2023. Holler had left in 2022. The band was spending the summer recording a new album for Scarlet Records.


Italy’s Eldritch is one of the many bands nowadays that are seemingly going in the right direction. On Neighbourhell the band abandons its love of Machine Head, technicality for the sake of technicality and keyboards and synthesizers and replaces them with a diverse and entertaining heavy metal album.
The album is produced well, is generally good and features several metal styles all within the cover of a horrific cover and an album title reeking of an interesting concept or story.
As far as individual songs go, Still Screaming begins the album with a showing of good vocals by Terence Holler (is that really his surname?), solid rhythm and even better leads. The album’s worst song is up next. Save Me (ah, those apt titles) stains the album with rapping vocals in the style of a certain Faith No More single. The guitars and the hard-hitting drums partially make up for the singer’s sins. Zero Man is slow and potentially a love song. Watch for the layered vocals and feminine voice to give the tune an even tenderer feel. More Than Marylin is almost poppy and slides into a sing-along at some point. The drumming is unimaginative though. Come To Life is thrashy and armoured by gruff and melodic vocals taking turns. The Dark inside also has a heavy rhythm or two. Toil Of Mine is fast and technical, but also exceptionally ambitious. Instruments are flying in all directions on this track. The album comes close with a song called Second World, which could easily have been a Symphorce number. This one is another one of the melodic songs with a touch of technicality.
Overall, the range of emotion and the band’s musical ability is impressive. The album demands certain tolerance for variety, but does so without stooping to trends or forced chords. - Anna Tergel