Electric Wizard - 1995 - Rise Above
Come My Fanatics... - 1997 - Rise Above
Dopethrone - 2000 - Rise Above
Let Us Prey - 2002 - Rise Above
We Live - 2004 - Rise Above
Witchcult Today - 2007 - Rise Above
Black Masses - 2010 - Rise Above
Time To Die - 2014 - Spinefarm
Wizard Bloody Wizard – 2017 - Spinefarm
Live Maryland Deathfest 2012 – 2018 – Creep Purple

Electric Wizard image
Lord Of Putrefaction, Thy Grief Eternal, Eternal>>JUS OBORN

Lord Of Putrefaction, Thy Grief Eternal, Eternal>>JUS OBORN – 13, Sourvein>>LIZ BUCKINGHAM

Tim Bagshaw>>Ramesses, With The Dead, Serpentine Path - Rob Al Issa – Great Coven, Eight Hands For Kali, Sabbah Navahthani>>Tas>>Diavolos, Mirror – Satan's Satyrs, Terraset>>Clayton Burgess>>Satan's Satyrs, Terraset – Hawkwind>>HAZ WHEATON

Mark Greening>>Ramesses, With The Dead, 11 Paranoias, Dead Witches - Iron Monkey, Teeth Of Lion>>Justin Greaves – Shaun Rutter – SIMON POOLE

History & Biography
These supercharged men cast spells of pure doom each and every time. The band has also issued two EPS: Chrono.naut and Supercoven. Bagshaw and Greening were (goes without saying almost) part of Black Sabbath cover band. The band was inactive for a couple of years in the late nineties presumably due to drug problems. Electric Wizard toured North America in December, 2001 with Diabolic and Enslaved.

In 2003, Drummer Mark Greening and bassist Tim Bagshaw left the fold. The band recruited drummer Justin Greaves (Iron Monkey, Teeth Of Lion...), rhythm guitarist Liz Buckingham (13, Sourvein) and bassist Rob Al Issa soon thereafter. Tas replaced Rob Al Issa in 2008. Electric Wizard announced a new album would be out in 2014 through Spinefarm Records. The group would release its next full-length album, Time To Die, in the autumn through Spinefarm Records. Poole was back on drums. With The Dead, the new U.K.-based band featuring members of Cathedral and Electric Wizard, would release its six-track, self-titled debut on October 16, 2015 through Rise Above Records. The band featured guitarist/bassist Tim Bagshaw and drummer Mark Greening and singer Lee Dorrian of Cathedral and owner of Rise Above. Psycho Las Vegas was a festival taking place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on August 26th-28th. 2016. Organized by the organizers of Psycho California, the three-day and three-stage event would play host to nearly one-hundred acts from around the world with a focus on riffs, doom and psychedelia. Bands included Death, Blue Öyster Cult, Converge, Down, Drive Like Jehu, High On Fire, Sleep, Pentagram, Yob and exclusive 2016 US performances from both Electric Wizard and Candlemass. Electric Wizard would release a new album, called Wizard Bloody Wizard, through Spinefarm on November 10 2017. Live Maryland Deathfest 2012 was issued on cassette. Haz Wheaton joined on bass. Creep Purple Promotion issued an EP called L.S.D. in 2021. The title track was taken from the soundtrack to the film Lucifer's Satanic Daughter by Chandler Thistle in 2020. L.S.D., which stood for Lucifer's Satanic Daughter, was a 2021 single. The band was booked to play at Damnation 2023.



Electric Wizard