Banished From The Light - 2001 - Revenge
A Severity Divine - 2005 - Revenge
Beyond The Flesh - 2009 - DB Agency


S= The Vast, SCID>>RAINER DÜSING>>the Vast, SCID
G= Eventus>>ANDRÉ DANOWSKY – Bound For Tomb, The Vast>>CHRISTIAN WÖSTEN>>The Vast
B= Bound For Tomb, The Vast, Mosu Quma>>MATHIAS PUHR
D= Morbus>>JÖRG HEEMANN>>Secrets Of The Moon - The Vast>>MARKUS RENZENBRIN>>The Vast


This band was formed in 1994 in Osnabrück. A trio of singer Andre Müller, André Danowsky and drummer Jens Wöstmann issued the Angels Of Damnation demo in 1996. With only the guitarist standing the band emerged from hiatus to issue Fragments Of Horror in 2000. Next comes more line-up changes, shows at Fuck The Commerce and Obscene Extreme-Festival and a deal with Revenge Productions. A Severity Divine was recorded with Jörg Uken in his Soundlodge Studio. A third album was due in 2007, but the band next announced it would release its new album, Beyond The Flesh, in the autumn of 2009 through DB Agency. The album was recorded at the Soundlodge Studio in Germany again.