Calling The Knights - 2002 - Shark
Forces Of Doom - 2004 - Shark
Hymns To Steel - 2007 - Pure Steel
Re-Forged – 2010 – Pure Steel
Unleashed – 2012 – Pure Steel
Reckoning Day – 2017 – Pure Steel
Restless Souls – 2019 – Rock Of Angels

Emerald image
S= Dark Crystal>>Jvo Julmy – Nieverlore, Barque Of Dante, Gloryhammer>>Thomas L. Winkler>>Barque Of Dante, Gloryhammer - Eddie's Beast, Silence Lost>>MACE MITCHELL>>Eddie's Beast, Silence Lost

G= Dark Crystal>>Jvo Julmy - Dark Crystal>>MICHAEL VAUCHER – Shroudshifter>>Manuel Werro – Distant Past, Dark Colony>>JULIEN MENTH>>Dark Colony

B= Bards Beyond Time>>Stephan Kaufmann>>Bards Beyond Time, Green Labyrinth, Forge - Age Of Disclosure, Distant Past>>Adriano Troiano>>Age Of Disclosure, Distant Past - Age Of Disclosure, Distant Past>>Adriano Troiano>>Age Of Disclosure, Distant Past - VANIA TRUTTMANN

D= Distant Past>>Andy Bächler>>Distant Past, Age Of Disclosure - Distant Past>>AL SPICHER>>Distant Past


History & Biography
Emerald was formed as early as 1995 following the demise of the bands Oppress and Dark Crystal. The band adopted a heavy metal sound and featured Veronique Remy on the mike. Julmy would quickly take over the vacated vocalist position though. Live shows followed and a keyboardist called Vaucher was recruited in 1998. The new line-up recorded a demo called Rebels Of Our Time in 1999. The demo would gain the band a contract with Germany's Shark Records, but the band's bassist would leave first and be replaced by Stephan Kaufmann. A new drummer would also soon join. Shark would re-release the said demo before issuing the band's official debut, Calling The Knights.

Forces Of Doom would be released in 2004. After completing work on the band’s Hymns To Steel album drummer Andreas Bächler decided to leave the band. The band’s roadie Alex Spicher was the replacement.

George Call of Cloven Hoof sang for the band between 2014 and 2016. Reckoning Day featured The Burgundian Wars saga, which was based on the novel Der Löwe Von Burgund (‘The Lion Of Burgund’) by Thomas Vaucher. Restless Souls was on a new label. The act appeared at Kult Festival Hauta in 2021 and Icerock Festival 2023 in Switzerland.

Thomas and Michael are brothers.