Escape From Twilight - 2007 - Limb
Regeneration - 2011 - Pitch Blacks
Metal Dome – 2015 – Fastball
Under The Curse Of Silence – 2018 - Fastball

Emerald Sun image
S= Jimmy Santrazami>>5Th Element – Burning Heat, Winters Dawn>>STELIOS "THEO" TSAKIRIDES
B= Spyrôs Babatzanides>>Dimansion, Madrake – Elsewhen>>FOTIS “SHERIFF” TOUMANIDES
D= Sarissa>>Bill Kanakis>>Sarissa – GEORGE BALTAS
K= Jim Tsakirides – SEFIS GIOLDASIS

Emerald Sun is a Greek heavy metal band that was formed in 1998 by Johnnie Athanasiadi. The band’s Sword Of Light demo appeared in 2003 and High In The Sky came out in 2004. The band issued a full-length called The Story Begins in 2005, which helped the band obtain a deal with LMP alongside fellow Greek bands Inner Wish and Casus Belli. Bassist Spyrôs Babatzanides guested on the release.

The band signed with Pitch Black Records at the beginning of 2011. The band's second album, Regeneration, was scheduled for February 11th. Metal Dome was issued in the spring of 2015. Fotis was on bass and George was on drums. Sefis was on keyboards and Pavlos was the new guitarist. This line-up was maintained of Under The Curse Of Silence. Moreover, for the first time the band had remained on the same label.


Emerald Sun’s rating could have been higher than a mere seventy or 'good' were it not for the sad presence of keyboards. The speed metal band out of Greece indeed is heavily inspired by early Helloween complete with pumpkin riffs, invigorating solos a la Walls of Jericho, a tone like Helloween’s self-titled EP and a vocalist who rivals Kai Hansen - so originality is not a word in the band’s vocabulary - but the quality of the songs and the up-tempo excitement is a joy to hear in absolute terms. Where Helloween has a track called Ride The Sky, Emerald Sun lists High In The Sky as a song. Helloween would raise the fist of the metal child via a song called Heavy Metal Is The Law, while Emerald Sun’s H.M. is as anthemic and promising. Both songs have a fake live audience clip too! Sadly, the Greek band has yielded to the basest instinct of the scene and incorporated a keyboardist whose occasional flourishes reduce the band to a pathetic heap of sadness. The band itself apparently understands this contradiction for the song H.M. completely eschews keyboards. Were the group’s songs not so good or the potential not so high it would matter little, but Escape From Twilight could have been what fills the void for early Helloween fans. This is the closest a band has come to the Hamburgers spielfreude since Custard’s last album. Emerald Sun can easily be a much better band should it so want. - Ali “The Metallian”


Emerald Sun