Nightly Ray - 2006 - Black Bards
Rewake - 2009 - Silverwolf
The Nemesis Construct - 2010 - Twilight Zone
You – 2013 - Golden Core
Infected – 2014 - Fastball

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Fabian Kiessling - Suidakra, Still It Cries>>MATTHIAS KUPKA>>Still It Cries

Fabian Kiessling - VLADI DOOSE - UDO SIMON

Serious Black>>MARIO LOCHERT>>Serious Black

Armistice>>Stefan Paster - Dominik ”Capricorn Khaos” Scholz>>Lacrimas Profundere – StormHammer>>Chris “The Machine” Widmann>>StormHammer

Chris Rybak – In Legend>>DANIEL SCHMIDLE>>In Legend

History & Biography
In 1995, after having played together in several school bands, bassist Mario Lochert and guitarist Fabian Kießling formed Emergency Gate. The band’s first show took place in April, 1996 and the band began drifting away from being a cover band into one with its own songs. A self-titled demo was issued in the year 2000. The band signed with The Electric Co. in 2006. Several shows, including support slots for Axxis, followed.

Emergency Gate would release a new album, entitled The Nemesis Construct, on April 30th, 2010 through Twilight Zone Records. Tom Englund performed guest vocals on the album. Germany’s Emergency Gate recruited Raphael Saini (Chaoswave and Visions Of Atlantis) in 2011 as its new drummer. The band was working on a new album which it was planning to record later in the year for an early 2012 release. It was out in 2013.

Mario Lochert is co-owner of Dreamscape studios and Silverwolf Productions.


The album cover with a girl clutching a teddy bear and pointing to a ray of light from the ceiling suggests melodic hard rock, but the opener and title track reveals a different sound. Emergency Gate plays a strange mixture of thrash guitars, keyboards and vocals that sound much like Nickelback or 3 Doors Down. It takes some time to get used to that sound, but the following songs Kill The Dying (why should one do that?) and Another Day Nowhere are okay. The Inside is horrible, though. The distorted vocals are out of sync with the music. In My Dreams is a conventional ballad, while Discre Pantz, a German word play with “Diskrepanz”, which means discrepancy, features a few growls and screams. Its riff is monotonous. Breed Evil has a silly keyboard intro and alternates between child-like chants and aggressive eruptions. Soulstreamer has a nice driving feeling, but again the keyboards don’t fit. Hold Me Again suffers from very dry instrumentation in the verse and weak backing vocals. No Clown starts with an “Oh du lieber Augustin” intro, but then drifts off into a staccato whatever. Guardian Of Time is better and sounds more like a traditional metal song. The Falco cover Rock Me Amadeus is very close to the original - leave out the keyboards and guitars and you get Falco. Decide for yourself if such a song belongs on a metal album. The instrumental Eternal Echo closes the album with spherical keyboard sounds.
All in all, the aforementioned mixture does not really work. The band is at its best when it plays classic metal, as in the two highlights Another Day Nowhere and Guardian Of Time. They should either abandon the Nu Metal elements, hire a new singer and let the keyboardist play lead melodies to become melodic metal, or abandon the keyboards and get rid of the traditional elements to become a thrash version of Nickelback. The band’s website is www.emergency-gate.com - Andreas Herzog


Emergency Gate