Fight Together For... - 1988 - We Bite
Es Geht Uns Gut - 1989 - We Bite
Wer Frisst Wen? - 1990 - We Bite
Licht Am Horizont - 1993 - We Bite
Partytime - 1997 - We Bite

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Secret 99>>OLIVER MAKRIS>>Secret 99

OHL, Erosion, Volkswiderstand, Der Fluch>>SVEN CARSTENS>>OHL, Erosion, Volkswiderstand, Der Fluch

Carsten Zisowsky>>Erosion, OHL, Der Fluch, Volkswiderstand, Manmade - Norbert

History & Biography
Emils, whose name is a parody of another act called Slime, was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1987. The crossover act quickly garnered itself a good reputation and became an underground favourite. Emils, like many German hardcore acts, was against racism and Nazism not the least of which because the band's singer is Turkish. Carsten was out and Norbert joined after the fourth album although Carsten was later heard in OHL with Sven. The band called it a day in 1999 with their last album being a Best Of...called Der Schwarze Fleck. In its day Emils toured with bands like Attitude, Gorilla Biskuits, Baffdecks, Suckspeed, Capitol Punishment and English Dogs. Secret 99 is a Bad Brains cover band.

The standard-issue reformation came in 2011 and of course nothing happened and the band quit again in 2013. Fight Together For? was re-released and the band played a couple of gigs. Then the band played at the Punkrock Hamburg Festival in 2020.