All Hail The Void - 2012 - Southern Lord
La Fin Absolue Du Monde - 2014 - Century Media
Fail To Feel Safe – 2015 – Century Media

Enabler image
S= Today Is The Day>>JEFF LOHRBER>>Today Is The Day
G= Today Is The Day>>JEFF LOHRBER>>Today Is The Day – Misery Signals>>Greg Thomas>>Misery Signals
B= Amanda Daniels
D= Fall Out Boy, Earth Crisis>>Andy Hurley>>Fall Out Boy, Earth Crisis - Ryan Steigerwald

Enabler is a crossover band from Ohio. Enabler's second LP, La Fin Absolue Du Monde, which was issued in May through Creator-Destructor would see a European release through Century Media as the band had signed with the label. The band had played Century Media’s 2012 SXSW showcase and kept in touch with the label. The band had a 2013 demo called Flies with Eric Dunn on lead guitar and Chris Zugschwert on drums. Think Fast! Records had also issued the band’s Shift Of Redemption EP with Dave Mann on drums. For the autumn of 2014 Lohrber was drumming in Today Is The Day.

Upon leaving the band Daniels alleged abuse and violence against her former boyfriend Lohrber, which was corroborated by a band roadie. Frank Godla had replaced Steigerwald. Lohrber denied it all. Shows were cancelled.