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History & Biography
End Of All was given birth in the year 2000 in Mt. Airy, North Carolina by Tommy Church and Jeremy Stowers. The initial line-up comprised of singer Mike Golding, Tommy Church, bassist Tony Holt and Jeremy Stowers. Live shows were soon set up, but Golding exited the band. End OF All soon recruited singer Will Jackson and guitarist Brandon Hamby. By the end of the year the band began working with Tribunal Records and participated on a split-CD called Born In Hell, Raised In Jail with Bloodjinn, Sever The Falling and Acedia. This, despite End Of All being a white metal act. The band also had to butt heads with a California act with the same name. The Californians would soon change their name however.
The band's debut album was released by Tribunal in late 2001 and soon sold 1,000 copies.
Following a couple of line-up shuffles in 2003 Alex Royal joined the band and the act set out to complete a new album. The act recorded a two-song demo in the summer of 2003 and played at Furnace Fest. The band had evidently settled on not having a permanent bassist. The band signed to the fledgling Venge Records of North Carolina and released Paradise Burning in February of 2004.


End Of All likes to use samples in the midst of its music. One of them informs that, "...because hell is repetition." Taking that line to heart, the quartet makes a point of changing its riffing, speed and tempo all the time. Paradise Burning is the band's second album and on it the guys showcase a lot of power and vigour. The band's influences are at the extreme end of the spectrum. The different vocal styles are accompanied by sharp riffing akin to Slayer (on Killed By Your Thoughts for example), Converge, as well as the newer US acts like The Black Dhalia Murder and As I Lay Dying. The band also employs outside influences and throws in the odd jazzy interlude or a Funky Town medley on track 13 or the occasional weaker regular vocals. The drums, depending on the song, have both a heavy and a light sound and even come across as conspicuously mechanical once in a while. Obviously having heard the criticism before the band addresses the topic in the biography. End Of All is both varied and extreme and will appeal to those who do not mind those elements together in their diet. - Ali "The Metallian"


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