Frühlingserwachen – 2003 – Twilight
Dominanz - 2004 - Twilight
Navigator - 2005 - Twilight
Endstilles Reich - 2007 - Regain
Verführer – 2009 - Regain
Infektion 181 - 2010 - Regain
Kapitulation 2013 - 2013 - Season Of Mist


S= Grond, Octoria>>Iblis>>Haradwaith - Nagelfar, Desecration, Graven>>ZINGULTUS>>Graven
G= Tauthr>>LARS WACHTFELS>>Tauthr - Kilt>>B. KILLED>>kilt
B= Octoria, Tauthr>>CRUOR>>Octoria, Tauthr
D= Tauthr, Overdrive Sensation>>MAYHEMIC DESTRUCTOR>>Tauthr, Overdrive Sensation


Endstille is a black metal band since the year 2000 based out of the northern tip of Germany on the border of Denmark. The band initially featured guitarist Lykaon. After issuing DemoN and Operation Wintersturm respectively in 2001 and 2002 independently the band turned to Twilight Vertrieb where it wasted three albums. The group’s Endstilles Reich appeared in 2007 on Regain Records. The Germans announced a tour of Mexico for November of 2008. The band released its sixth album, entitled Verführer, in April through Regain Records.

The band’s war-tough lyrics and imagery often solicits accusations of Nazism. The band denies any connection or interest. Overdrive Sensation, the side-project of Mayhemic Destructor, released a self-titled debut album on May 15th 2009 through the Fresh Rude Records. The band found a new singer at the end of 2009. Zingultus (formerly of Nagelfar) was the new vocalist in Endstille. The band wished to thank Lugubrem for touring with the band in Europe. Endstille soon picked Infektion 181 as the title for its next album, which was due in the autumn of 2010. Endstille next signed a deal with Season Of Mist. The band's unnamed seventh album was to be released in the spring. Instead, the band would release a full-length album, Kapitulation 2013, on November 8th through Season Of Mist. It featured singer Zingultus formerly of Nagelfar and new guitarist B. Killed.


German black metal act Endstille has been making the rounds for a while, although you won’t know it judging by the band’s profile. In fact, this was my first time hearing the group’s music despite four albums in recent years. Many thanks I am sure go to the band’s former label Twilight that presumably did nothing until the group jumped ship to Regain Records.
Endstille is often compared to Marduk, but that sounds like a bout of lazy journalism after multiple listens. The music’s dynamics are buried under a deliberately lo-fi sound quality which is best personified by the very amusing slogan on the CD against the use of triggers. The band mocks the old Roadrunner Records’ anti-drug shtick by basically poking ungentle fun at bands with massaged studio sounds (a dozen glossy magazine and commercial webzine 'writers' quickly emailed their editors to verify that indeed Regain Records is an advertiser and they should give the album a 9/10 despite the Germans’ attitude). The harsh sound, quasi-Nazi outlook and evil lyrics are all coating for the real black metal candy. The bombastic attack sounds honest and from the heart. This is to Cradle Of Filth what a quality car is to GM Chevrolet. - Anna Tergel

Endstille is all out black metal. War is an obvious theme with a cover that depicts the German Emperor, Wilhelm II, with a bloody cleaver. From the opener Alteration Of Roots and on the somewhat muzzled and straightforward production pushes all speed ahead. Sharp guitars, screaming and agonized vocals, no nonsense drums are the main features of Verfuhrer. The third song, Hate Me...God?, sees a shift in that guitar sound is chunkier and the vocals clearer, both perhaps more apparent with the drop in pace. Depressed/Abstract/Banished/Despised seems to be summarizing feeling and moods and not only in its title. It is over seven minutes of seemingly laboured riffs and vocals. Monotonus is somewhat predictable. Symptoms is half a gear higher than what preceded it. If not already obvious a pattern seems to be emerging and the song titles do reflect it and Suffer In Silence is no exception. Absent any lyrics accompanying the album the end of the German empire that came to be at the end of World War I and thus ended Wilhelm II’s reign is likely the concept here. Dead is faster and Endstille (Verfuhrer) which closes this release leaves the listener having hoped for a bit more. Variety, while certainly not a must and while not completely absent is limited and doesn’t help the cause in this case. - Anna Tergel