Alert Status: Red - 2005 - Casket

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MATT HOCKHAM>>Dead Before Mourning

MATT HOCKHAM>>Dead Before Mourning - OWEN HEAUME


Armistice, Tangent, Flesh>>STEVE EBSWORTH>>Dead Before Mourning

History & Biography
Enemy Unknown was formed in Surrey, England and in no time signed with Casket Records. The band entered Philia Studio in June, 2005 and entered a demo with producer Nick Hemingway. The producer had previously worked with the likes of Cancer. The band’s album was consequently released in the autumn of 2005. The band was also booked for 2006’s Bloodstock Festival.

The band changed its name to Raze in 2008. The band explained that its music had turned heavier and the name change made sense.


Not that it matters what Enemy Unknown sings about or what the theme to Alert Status: Red is because hardly anyone will hear the album. The band’s music is almost as weak as the label’s promotion and publicity department.
Enemy Unknown is a young British band that sounds like mid-'80s crossover and thrash, albeit with a lead guitarist who can play. Take a dose of Excel, another of Uncle Slam and the Megadeth demo, add some impressive lead work and the enemy becomes known fast. Most of the material is sadly primitive with the songs’ structures completely lacking any memorability. The singer is hoarse and hardcore, while the drummer follows the rest of the band ad nauseam. Given the weak production, it is left to the guitarist to drum up (ha, the play on word) a lead here or an interesting riff there. The song Feel The Burn has an orchestral arrangement on guitar, while Toe To Toe and The Man feature impressive leads played by Owen Heaume.
The album apparently is topical and thematic given the allusions to terrorism and politics in the lyric sheet, not to mention the picture of the World Trade Center on the cover, although it hardly matters. There is little chance that the sales figure for this album will exceed 500 copies worldwide. Oh, and how original, there is a 'hidden' grunt as the album’s end. - Ali “The Metallian”


Enemy Unknown