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Invasion Of The Porky Men - 1984 - Clay
Forward Into Battle - 1985 - L.M.
Where Legend Began - 1986 - Under One Flag
Bow To None - 1996 - Impact
All The World's A Rage - 1996 - Impact
The Thing With Two Heads - 2014 - Candlelight

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S= Ultraviolence>>Ade Bailey - Wakey Wakefield>>Wern't - Police Bastard>>Stuart>>Police Bastard - Wardance, Destructors>>Gizz [Graham Butt]>>Down River Nation - Wern't>>WAKEY WAKEFIELD

G= Jon Murray - Destructors>>Gizz [Graham Butt]>>Down River Nation, The Prodigy, Sabbat, The More I See - NICK WYNCH

B= Apocalypse>>Mark Wattie Watson>>Apocalypse - MICHAEL "TAT" TATLER

D= Pinch [Andrew Pinching]>>Down River Nation, The Damned - RICHARD "GRIZZ" GRIZZWELL

History & Biography
These rabid hounds were formed in 1981 as a punk band and released two demos the year after called Show No Mercy and Free To Kill. They toured and opened for GBH and Discharge before obtaining a deal with Clay Records and releasing the Mad Punx And English Dogs EP in 1983. The year after they released the EP To The Ends Of The Earth on Rot Records before landing with Music For Nations subsidiary Under One Flag. The band had progressed into a thrash/power metal sound by this time and ended more in the metal camp than otherwise. The Metalmorphosis 12" came in 1986. As you can see singers came, went and came back! The banned changed its name to Janus Stark and signed with Earache. Gizz has also toured with The Prodigy as a live guitarist.

The band reformed in the spring of 2007. Jon Murray, Stu, Wakie and Wattie were part of the fold. The group went on stage again 2008. English Dogs’ Forward Into Battle line-up of Andrew "Pinch" Pinching, Graham "Gizz" Butt and Adie Bailey re-grouped in late 2011 for a February, 2012 tour of the USA with The Casualties, Toxic Holocaust and Havok. Songs from the record would be played.

Candlelight Records signed English Dogs in 2014. The band's new album, The Thing With Two Heads, would be released on July 8th. The More I See, featuring English Dogs man Gizz Butt, issued Disappearing Humans. It was mixed by producer Scott Atkins (Cradle Of Filth, Amon Amarth, etc.) and mastered at Abbey Road studio by Steeve Rooke (Beatles, Status Quo, etc.). The band was touring Europe.



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