Death Metal Attack 2 - 1999 - Razorback
Engorged - 2002 - Deathvomit/Necropolis
Where Monsters Dwell - 2004 - Razorback

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Akkad - Dave


Cold Slither>>ZARTAN

The Hell Candidates>>Destro/Shad Justice [Shadman Marz]>>Coma Void, Whore

History & Biography
Engorged is West Coast USA death metal band, lead by Cobra Commander (real name probably: Jim Bo), whose biography reads like a warmed over Brujeria press release. The band also appeared on Razorback Records' Impetigo Tribute CD, recorded split-7"s with Impaled and Intense Hammer Rage among others. Grinders Engorged lost its singer Akkad at the beginning of 2000 and opted to distribute his duties internally. The band was at Black Lake Studio recording a new CD for Necropolis featuring tracks like Death Metal Attack Part 3, Shockwaves and March Of The Engorged. The band's spilt 7” with Impaled was available on Discos Al Pacino Records. The band signed to Necropolis in the spring of 2001. The resulting album appeared in June, 2002.

The band made a return to the album scene and Razorback Records in late 2004. Sean McGrath replaced Dave on vocals.

The early members used G.I. Joe aliases.


Mortal Coil Records is dead, long live Razorback!!? Oh well, whatever the name, Razorback could have certainly picked a far worse debut release than this Oregon scum. Putting their best foot forward, the CD kicks off with the track Engorged a raging mixture of Terrorizer and ENT. It's pure grinding blast heaven and the tower foundations echoed with delight. The rest of the CD can't quite match the quality of the opener, but Engorged with all their hardcore/ deathgrind madness and samples manage to inject a lot of energy into the scene. Ignoring the Brujeria-wanna be bio and gimmicks of the band and less than satisfactory cover, this one is not for the faint of heart. - Ali "The Metallian"

Engorged is a band in transition. Transitioning from grindcore to thrash metal, Engorged anno 2002 comes across as being half-way there. The music here is occasionally 2002's answer to the debuts of Vio-lence and Death Angel. There are even a couple of Exodus-ish backing chants here and there and the drums rattle along a la thrash metal. There are a couple of dual-vocal parts which are more like the old grinding Engorged and the material is generally quite speedy. Elsewhere the band is its old self. Engorged blasts away angrily. The many samples are quickly getting irritating though. Do bands realize every second album nowadays has a couple of samples? This album is no exception with every alternate track beginning with yet another movie sample. Elsewhere, congratulations are due for an extremely powerful individual instruments' sound; even if the overall mix is not as good as the basic sound. All in all Engorged's is a fast and speedy album depicting a band moving away from death/grind and into thrash metal territory. Watch for a split CD with Lord Gore.

Portland, Oregon's Engorged is back with a new album, new line-up and even new names for its older members and the musical direction is not what one would expect. After the last album, courtesy of the defunct Deathvomit label, the band was expected to go into a more thrash metal path, but instead Where Monsters Dwell mixes things up. This is an extreme album of course, but the band draws from several underground sub-genres.
To get the cliche-ridden and unfortunate out of the way, the band still uses multiple samples all over the album. Those aside, there is some real goodies strewn in this explosive concoction. The solo on The Thing is great. The following song is called Chaingang and has an Agnostic Front feel to it which is a theme often encountered on the album, with even the vocalist switching back and forth between growls and screams. Skull and Crossbones is bass-heavy thrash at manic speeds almost like The Accused-meets-heavy metal. Werewolf Militia - creative titles are almost a given here - is almost doomy, while ROTLD begins with a glam metal (how timely for Mötley Crüe) parody and there even are a few sped-up hard rock riffs in the song all with barked vocals on top. The solo though is Slayer-ish. In summary, Where Monsters Dwell is intense of course, but more diverse than the first listen allows. - Ali "The Metallian"