The Blood Of Transylvania>>ENSEPULCHRED - USA

The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars – 2006 - Autopsy Kitchen

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S= Whispers From A Dead World>>JOHN SHIPLEY>>Whispers From A Dead World

G= The Blood Of Transylvania>>OWEN BARKER>>The Blood Of Transylvania

B= Immortal Gate, Crown Of Bone>>DUSTIN REDINGTON>>Immortal Gate, Crown Of Bone


K= Immortal Gate, Crown Of Bone>>DUSTIN REDINGTON>>Immortal Gate, Crown Of Bone

History & Biography
The band of underground souls was founded in 2005 in the town of Frankfort, Indiana. The group used a drum machine. The band issued a demo, called Suicide In Winter's Moonlight. Autopsy Kitchen issued the group’s The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars album in late 2006. A split with Ministries Of Blood arrived in 2007. Ensepulchred, Immortal Gate and House History Of Corpses also shared a split release.

The band had a demo called Abandoned Epitaph in 2012. A limited edition single called Candlemass appeared in 2013. This came through Altar of Waste Records and, along with the band itself, became an abandoned epitaph.


There is so much promised in the band’s biography, yet so little delivered. Ensepulchred is ostensibly “the most melancholy and off the wall black metal in years.” Furthermore, the band has an “autumnal vibe” and will be “unleashed.” In reality, Ensepulchred is a bitter disappointment. The band might very well be influenced by Emperor (although that is hardly a recommendation) and Xasthur, but to these ears The Night Our Rituals Blackened The Stars is a nod to Arcturus and the last Blut Aus Nord album. Moreover, both those bands’ later works were lost causes for this writer.
In the meanwhile, the album at hand is fundamentally a mixture of extreme and agonized vocals (positive) and simple, monotonous synthesized sounds and drum machines (negative). Aside from the shrieks and howls, and the striking album and song titles, there is hardly anything worth noting or recommending here. It is not that one would demand a hook, melody or riff necessarily; it is simply the boring and toothless nature of the songs. Given the non-existent production and sound - production credits may belong to the 'back of a moving lorry' Studio - the album fails in most respects. - Ali “The Metallian”