A Holocaust In Your Head - 1987 - Hurt
Damage 381 - 1997 - Earache
In It for Life - 1999 - Rhythm Vicar
Being And Nothing - 2001 - Candlelight
Live At The Fulham Greyhound London 1989 – 2002 – Cherry Red
Law Of Retaliation – 2008 - Osmose
Extreme Noise Terror – 2015 - Willowtip
Burladingen 1988 - 2020 - Back On Black

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S= Optimum Wound Profile, Napalm Death>>Phil Vanes>>Optimum Wound Profile, Napalm Death - Dean Jones - DEAN JONES - Failed Humanity>>Adam Catchpole>>Failed Humanity – Optimum Wound Profile, Napalm Death>>Phil Vane – BEN MCCROW
G= Ali Firouzbakht>>Failed Humanity - Pete Harley - Cradle Of Filth, Solstice>>Gian Pyres>>Christian Death, Gorerotted – Butcher – Woodie – Desecration>>OLLIE JONES>>Desecration
B= Mark - Disgust>>Lee Barrett>>Disgust - Ali Firouzbakht>>Failed Humanity – Deinonychus>>Stafford Glover – Amputated, Desecration, Mulch>>Andi Morris>>Desecration, Mulch
D= Doom>>Stig [Tony Dickens]>>D.I.R.T - Darren - Mick Harris>>Napalm Death, Scorn - Pig Killer - Failed Humanity>>Zac O' Neil>>Failed Humanity - Pig Killer - Cradle Of Filth>>Was – Parricide, Desecration, Onslaught>>MIC HOURIHAN>>Desecration, Onslaught

These Ipswich terrors were formed in 1985. The band's extreme hardcore/early grindcore and dual vocal approach act immediately got them a deal with Manic Ears for a split LP with Chaos UK - and that after only one gig under their belts. Shortly after the release the drummer leaves and is filled by Mick Harris later of Napalm Death. Famed DJ John Peel becomes interested in the band in 1987 and invited them onto his show. The result is a MLP on his Strange Fruit Records. Stick replaces Harris and the band records A Holocaust In Your Head for Hurt Records. The band does another Peel Session and tours Europe and Japan. Through the Peel Sessions the band strikes a friendship with KLF and does some recordings with them. When the resulting Top Of The Pops appearance gets banned from BBC, KLF also boycotts the show. 1992 sees the band invited to the Brit Awards (England's music industry awards) and it is here that the band grabs its biggest publicity yanking out machine guns and firing blanks into the audience. Safe to say the crowd panics and the tabloids are delighted. The band continues touring in 1993 and '94, sees original drummer Pig Killer return, recruits Candlelight owner/Disgust man Lee Barrett and guitarist Ali. The band is offered and accepts a deal with Earache in 1994 and quickly re-records a number of older songs under the Retro-bution title. After cross Atlantic tours Pig Killer leaves (again) and former Cradle Of Filth drummer Was joins. Prior to recording Damage 381, the band recruits Napalm Death's former singer Barney. Seeing that Barney was ditched by Napalm Death, in an odd turn of events ENT singer Phil fills the slot in Napalm! When things didn't work out, Phil briefly returns to ENT and Barney rejoins his old band. The band leaves Earache citing a lack of tour, promotion, etc. and signs with Candlelight. Late 1999 had brought reports that ENT has signed to Nuclear Blast. Being And Nothing is as 'extreme' as anything else the band has released proving that the act is consistent with its name. ENT can be heard on many compilations like The Peel Sessions, Earplugged, etc. and have an array of EPs. After last issuing a split-EP with Driller Killer on the label in 2006 Extreme Noise Terror had now signed with Osmose Productions. Another split with Trap Them showed up in 2008 before the band’s Osmose full-length, Law Of Retaliation. This album again featured both Jones and Vane on vocals.

Onslaught recruited Michael Hourihan to play the drums during the band's Scream For Violence tour in 2011. Candlelight Records USA was re-releasing A Holocaust In Your Head on September 27th, 2011. UK-based Extreme Noise Terror would release its self-titled 2015 full-length through Willowtip Records. Set for release on November 5th, the first studio album in six years had the band returning to its hardcore punk roots. Ben McCrow was now the second vocalist. Dicky Moore became the bassist in 2019. Burladingen 1988 obviously stemmed from that year, but also tagged a 1992 track. A Holocaust In Your Head - The Original Holocaust was issued in 2022 and featured the music with Mick Harris on drums.