The Infinite Nothing - 2016 - Artery
Dark Future - 2017 - Spinefarm
Time Will Take Us All - 2023 - Metal Blade

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From Citizen To Soldier, Systems, Allegaeon>>CHANEY CRABB>>Systems, Allegaeon

Animosity>>Frank Costa>>Realms Of Vision - Inferi, A Loathing Requiem, Through Death And Crimson, Formless Creation, Virulent Depravity, Diskreet, Enfold Darkness>>Malcolm Pugh>>Inferi, A Loathing Requiem, Virulent Depravity, Demon King - Scale The Summit, Into The Moat>>Travis LeVrier>>Intervals - NAVENE KOPERWEIS

Animosity, Solo, The Faceless, Lillake>>Evan Brewer>>Solo, Lillake, Fallujah

Hoods, Artificium Sanguis, Animosity, Animals As Leaders, Fleshwrought, Solo>>NAVENE KOPERWEIS>>Fleshwrought, Solo K= Fleshwrought, Solo>>NAVENE KOPERWEIS>>Fleshwrought, Solo

History & Biography
The deathcore act was founded in 2015. Several members came from Animosity. The members had a metalcore background. The band used keyboards. Primal was the immediate demo and the act began shedding members. Frank Costa was replaced by Malcom Pugh in late 2015. Pugh left six months later. The group also began a rotation of labels. Chaney was a guest vocalist live for Allegaeon in 2018. Only Navene Koperweis and Chaney Crabb were left by 2023. Navene recorded the guitar for the third album. Brian James of Fallujah has been the concert guitarist since 2022. Evan Brewer returned to record the third album. Navene Koperweis played drums on the Machine Head Of Kingdom And Crown album and the 2024 Job For A Cowboy album, Moon Healer.

Archspire, Benighted, Psycroptic and Entheos announced a tour of Europe for March 2023. As I Lay Dying, Chelsea Grin and Entheos had a US summer tour beginning July 9 2024. They would give “major market performances” according to the press release. The band interspersed it with several headlining concerts. The band uploaded a song and a video for Life In Slow Motion. The band announced its intention to be fusion rock and meld grunge, electronica, goth and groove into its music in 2024. The An End To Everything EP was scheduled for release through Metal Blade Records for October 2024.

Entheos translates into ‘being full of god, inspired and possessed,’ and is the root of the English word ‘enthusiasm.’ A Canada-based band with the same name predates the Americans.