Insemination – 2010 - Axa Valaha
Cup Of Mud – 2011 – Wizard
Eufobia – 2016 - Wizard
Madness – 2022 -Wizard

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Alley Sin, Проказа>>STEFAN ABADJIEV>>Alley Sin, Проказа

Coprostasis, Mizerere, Alley Sin>>BLAGOVEST PETROV>>Coprostasis, Mizerere, Alley Sin

History & Biography
A rare entry from Bulgaria, the band was formed in 2003 and issued a demo called Cup Of Mud in 2005 after the group was introduced to Starbucks. The group has maintained a relaively stable line-up since. A Romanian label signed the band and issued its debut album, but only after five years had passed. Ivan joined the band. Again encountering Starbucks due to the effects of globalization, deterioration of quality and loss of international standards, the band issued a full-length called Cup Of Mud with a shorter version of the song Mud, as well as other rerecorded tracks. This album was issued by Bulgaria’s Wizard. Sofia, Bulgaria-based death metal band Eufobia had its self-titled album released on October 31st 2016 by Wizard Music.

The band has Toured with Carnal on Curse This Tour 2008, then with Onslaught and Suicidal Angels on Horns Up Tour 2008, with Parricide and Abusiveness on The Grindcore Balkan Tour II 2010, with Krow on Insemination European Tour 2010 and with Vader, Gorgoroth and Valkyrja on The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011 and has also played many festivals in Bulgaria and Romania. Shows in Turkey were cancelled however. The Bulgaria-based deathrash metal act had a music video for the song Madness, which was the first single of its upcoming album in 2022. The lead role was played by the Bulgarian model Maria Georgieva. The band was comprised of Niki – guitar and vocals, Ivan – guitar, Steff – bass and vocals and drummer Blago. Bulgaria-based Eufobia, which had already announced a single called Madness, announced its new full-length would also be called Madness.

Several members spend time in rock band Alley Sin. Eufobia stems from the Greek phrase meaning ‘a fear of good.’ The band called its music ‘death ‘n’ roll.’


There is a lot one could like and enjoy with Bulgaria-based Eufobia. For one, they are from Bulgaria. It is good to find the rare non-traditionalist amidst the hundreds of weak folk and gypsy music acts fouling the land. For another, Eufobia is a tight and powerful techno-thrash band, which goes at its business with serious intent. The time changes and stop-and-go jabs are an integral component of this act, but at its core, this is a thrashing metal band with skilled rhythm guitars, a bombastic bass guitar presence and original lead guitars. Graveyard is the opening number and musically is akin to Testament’s New Order without the Skolnick solos. Devotion begins milder and remains so for most of the track, but one could only sense the band’s knack for a very taut sound (as the drummer moshes forward) and sense of superior soloing. My favourite track, Cyber Pervert, begins with a drum pattern lifted directly from Carcass before the grinding wall of sound and speed kicks in. This song also demonstrates how the band’s best is when it is at its growliest and fastest. Tears Of Defloration, written about the tears of joy many maidens shed, when facing Lord Metallian, closes the disc with more techno thrash that takes one back to Anacrusis. This band is paying attention judging by the references to Donald Trump such as the cover artwork depicting a fascist and his army or song titles like Fat Sack Of Shit, Hater and Cyber Pervert.
So, why the ‘average’ rating? The vocals are a sore spot and when one says sore it is meant as that. It is less of a harrowing and powerful experience and more of a case of sounding like the singer has sore throat. The band knows this and three members pitch in on vocals. Yet, even despite the abundant backing vocals, the band includes a below average length of vocals. The members know it is not their forte. The good news is that the band has a strong musical foundation and, should they recruit a strong vocalist, no one has to lose his position in Eufobia. – Ali “The Metallian”