Lacrimae Mundi - 1998 - KTOK
Wither - 2003 - Low Frequency
III – 2010 - Supernova

Evemaster image
S= Mortal God, Soulset, Spirit Disease>>JARNO TASKULA>>Mortal God, Soulset, Spirit Disease

G= Mortal God, Shamos, Soulset, Battlelore, Elephant Bell>>TOMI MYKKANEN>>Battlelore, Mortal God, Shamos, Soulset, Elephant Bell

B= Mortal God, Shamos, Soulset, Battlelore>>TOMI MYKKANEN>>Battlelore, Mortal God, Shamos, Soulset

D= Children Of Bodom, Gashouse Garden>>Jaska W. Raatikainen>>Children Of Bodom, Gashouse Garden, Mercury Circle

K= Mortal God, Shamos, Soulset, Battlelore>>TOMI MYKKANEN>>Battlelore, Mortal God, Shamos, Soulset

History & Biography
Evemaster - born autumn of 1996 - is a duo that divides the vocal and musical duties at the studio. Three songs were very quickly recorded and became the In Thine Majesty demo in early 1997. The demo is re-released twice by underground labels. The two recruited touring members for live shows. KTOK is a Finnish label. The CD too was re-released in Poland with new artwork. A MCD called Wither was recorded during the autumn of 2001 through Vortex Motion Records. J. Raatikainen of Children Of Bodom and Marco Hietala of Sinergy and Tarot guest on this work. Evemaster finished recording its second album Wither at the beginning of 2003. When, in 2004, Battlelore and vocalist Patrik Mennander parted ways Tomi Mykkänen filled the vacant spot. The band re-recorded most of its debut album Lacrimae Mundi in late 2004 and early 2005 for release through Rising Realm Records. The band re-recorded drums and guitars with Jaska Raatikainen of Children Of Bodom behind the drum kit. The band also recorded a cover of Dio's We Rock for the new edition. Crash Music picked up the re-release for release in the USA.

A report in 2006 indicated that the band is on hold while singer Jarno spends time in South Africa and Jaska works in the USA. The band was looking at finding a label and recording its third album in the summer of 2007. The band was working on an album called III: Newtopia in 2008, which was the third instalment of a trilogy. The album was a concept “revolving around a dystopian dream or a fall of this one pitiful man.” Evemaster signed a deal with Supernova Records in 2010, which was a sub-label of one of Bonnier Amigo. Supernova was led by Johnny Hagel (ex-Tiamat and Sundown). An album was due in 2010. It was issued in June.


Crash Music avoids mentioning it in the enclosed biography, but since it seems fairly important let me tell you a secret. Sssshhhh, this is a reworking of Evemaster's 1998 album, Lacrimae Mundi. For whatever reason (massive global demand? the opening of the Chinese market? favourable TSX conditions? the death of the Atkins fad?) the band has decided to reissue these. Now as far music goes, this is fairly standard Finnish poser metal with the usual mix of doomy and speedy rhythms, some old Amorphis riffs here and there, a touch of Children Of Bodom for posterity's sake and some funny singing reminiscent of Mortiis on the title track and so forth. There are good moments on this, for example blocking the band's version of Dio's We Rock recorded here with growls and high speed and thinking of the original version, but the overriding question here is who needs this album? - Anna Tergel