Annihilation Of Civilization - 1989 - Steamhammer
The Underworld - 1991 - Steamhammer
United $tate$ Of Anarchy – 2020 - Steamhammer
Toxic Grace - 2024 - Steamhammer

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History & Biography
Evildead was Garcia's band after the demise of his former bands. It was founded in 1986. The band hailed from L.A. and played high speed thrash metal. The band's first release was a self-titled EP, which appeared in 1989. Rise was a death metal band that was active in Mexico. Guitarist Dan Flores was Phil's brother and remained for the first half of the 1990s. The Terror of 1994 was more subdued. In the late '90s Garcia and Medina were to be found in the reformed Agent Steel.

Annihilation Of Civilization was re-released by Scarlet Records in 2004.

Los Angeles thrash metal band Evildead disbanded in 2012 due to "personal differences." Albert Gonzales, Steve Nelson, Rob Alaniz and Joseph D'Anda had a new band called Faeost. The traditional reformation came in 2016. Evildead released a new album, entitled United $tate$ Of Anarchy, through SPV/Steamhammer on 30.10.2020. Karlos Medina had been back in the band since 2016. The band uploaded a song called Bathe In Fire and proceeded to tour Europe with Powerstroke and appear at Wacken. The band was also booked for the Gates Of Metal Festival lll back in the USofA. The band was recording a new album. Evildead uploaded a song called Bathe In Fire in 2023. The band, which was touring Europe, released a new record through SPV that year. Evildead had an album called Toxic Grace through Steamhammer/SPV as of May 24 2024.