Terror Audio - 2005 - Scarlet

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History & Biography
Swedish thrash metal band Evildoer was formed in 2004 by guitarist Olsson and drummer Bones and issued a self-titled demo in the same year featuring the songs Right Hand Servant, King Of Fools and Die Now. Singer Lucas Jeansson left prior to the release of the full-length through Scarlet Records. The band recruited Within Y's Andreas and entered Berno Studio. Terror Audio appeared in the autumn of 2005.

Singer Andreas left and Lucas re-joined, but despite a 2006 demo called A New Empire the band broke up.


It is easy to think the band and album’s name are exclusively related to some illiterate Texan (actually Evildoer is not even a word in English), but the title can also refer to the deathrashers’ music. This is heavy thrashing metal that could be a mix between Dimension Zero and Darkane. The music is dense, heavy and condensed. Vocalist Andy (also of Within Y) belts out his anger, the musicians go for the throat while the production leaves little room for individuality. Terror Audio has copious amount of energy and a heads-down approach towards brutality. Things would have been better had the sound engineering allowed the individual members to make more of a distinct impression. Nevertheless, given the musical barbarism and the topical lyrics this one is pretty impressive. - Ali “The Metallian”