Blood Of The Saints - 1999 - Deathgasm
Blackest Hymns Of Gods Disgrace - 2001 - Morbid
Waiting For His Return - 2005 - Hells Headbangers
Depopulation Agenda - 2010 - Bestial Burst
Lucifers Crown - 2023 - Fallen-Angels

Evil Incarnate image
S= Numskull, Perdition, Xenophobia>>MIKE EISENHAUER>>Numskull, Xenophobia

G= Fear Spawned Religion, Abstract, Luna In Sanguinem>>Rob Rigney>>Luna In Sanguinem – Morbid Corpses, Fear Spawned Religion>>Dave Gally - Luna In Sanguinem>>MIKE EISENHAUER>>Luna iIn Sanguinem

B= Numskull, Perdition, Xenophobia>>Mike Eisenhauer>>Numskull, Xenophobia - Antisma, Corpse, Indignation, Morbidity, Disfigurement, Tyr, Necrorite, Mortuary>>RICK GARZA>>Necrorite, Mortuary

D= Masada, Morbid Corpses, Jungle Rot>>Andy Vehenkamp – Corpse Vomit, Cumchrist>>Garrett Scanlan>>Cumchrist, Sons Of Famine, Lividity, Imperial Savagery, Kommandant, Embrace Damnation, Sectara, Lividity - Malidiction, Perdition, Arctic Symphony, Steel Rain, Proximity, Miners, Nacho Camacho, Klingenberg, Wrath, Full On Empty, Amulance, Luna In Sanguinem, R'n'R Over>>PATT MAXWELL>>Miners, Luna In Sanguinem, R'n'R Over

History & Biography
Evil Incarnate specializes in pure death metal a la Possessed, Numskull and others with a white supremacist bent. They were formed in 1994 as Apollyn and released a demo called Beyond Blasphemy. At this time Scott Creekmore of Numskull and Broken Hope fame joined as drummer. With Vehenkamp in the fold the band recorded a new demo called Deliverance From Salvation. In 1997 the guitarists change and two former Fear Spawned Religion members join. Simultaneously, the band changed its name. The demos Evil Incarnate and Christ Destroyed followed. Blood Of Saints was essentially a compilation of the band’s music so far. In 2001 the band agreed to appear on the obligatory tribute albums - this time on ww3 Records. The 1997 and 1998 demos were put on CD by Deathgasm and on cassette by Ramu Records. Despite its racist posture the band went ahead and toured Mexico, with a session drummer. After several years of absence the band returned in the summer of 2005 with a new album, label and drummer. Vehenkamp was reportedly booted from the band for personal reasons. Eisenhauer also joined the Nazi band Xenophobia.

The band planned to work with Sinister Sounds as of 2006, but the two parties split up when the Canadian label was unable to issue a band compilation on time. Christopher of Krabathor joined the band in 2008.

Gospel Of Blasphemy was a 2010 demo. It was another ten years before an album, entitled Depopulation Agenda, appeared. The act played in Mexico in 2021. Rob Rigney exited the act. Eisenhauer switched to guitar. Lucifers Crown was notable for the dd nun.


Ultra-Satanic and Aryan supremacist band Evil Incarnate has been missing from the scene for several years, but Waiting For His Return (a pun?) is signalling a change to that situation. The music does not fall short of expectation. Noisy and lo-fi songs rule the delivery with singer Eisenhauer providing the bulk of the volume with his guttural growling. The opener of the album Waiting For His Return immediately establishes the man’s and the band’s sub-Deicide credentials. In fact, given the simplicity of the compositions and sound quality this often sounds like the pre-Deicide Amon demos. The songs are mostly slow and heavily distorted. The riffs are not particularly exciting and the drumming is fairly dreary. For Evil Incarnate to become a serious contender the band has to live up to the ideals of black and death metal and transform its musicianship into something exciting and striking. Furthermore, the inclusion of not one, but two cover songs (although Destruction’s Tormentor sounds nothing like the original) is mundane and less reason to pick up this CD. The most exciting aspect of this album is the anti-Christian artwork and photography. - Ali “The Metallian”


Evil Incarnate