Pelvic Bones>>EVIL ONE - FRANCE

Shades Of Life - 2006 - Deadsun
Evil Never Dies - 2009 - Pervade
Militia Of Death - 2010 - Pervade

S= Garwall, Tidal Wave>>Frederic Botta>>Tidal Wave - Hürlement>>ALEXIS ROY-PETIT>>Hürlement
B= Fabrice Bonhomme - LOUSTIC

Does Cergy, a suburb of Paris, know it has an evil one in its midst?

Hopefully, as it has existed since 1997. A founder was drummer Speedos. The group started with a 1998 self-titled full-length. The band was formed following the demise of Pelvic Bones. Several more demos followed and, amidst the line-up changes, the group became less soft and more thrashy. The first album came in 2006 and was followed by a self-released 2007 single called The Storm. Bassist Fabrice Bonhomme died in 2007 of a heart attack at age 39. The band next signed to Pervade, another French label. Jeff Waters of Annihilator guested on Evil Never Dies. In late 2010, Evil One signed a contract for 35 gigs in the USA for 2011.


Here it is. That one album that comes into Metallian Towers once a year from a band with next to no profile for which one has next to no expectation... yet it turns out to be on fire. Militia Of Death rules from start to finish.
Evil One does several things exceedingly well. The album kicks off with the title track, which immediately takes one back to Metallica’s Kill 'Em All. The opening riff is explosive, simple and fast and one thinks 'retro-thrash.' The song blazes into one’s metal heart. Then there is the cover of Accept’s Fast As A Shark. Well done, but why another cover? What is the MIDI sample in the song? Then there is the metal power ballad Memories. Exceedingly well done. Check out the heart-felt vocals and soloing. It has to be 1984 all over again. In The Dead Of The Night’s chorus somehow sounds funny actually. Evil Invasion has a crushing chant. Suicide Fanatics gets political, while album closer Militia Of Beer is nothing but Tankard all over. Only the middle track Baptized By Fire sounds somewhat futile. Otherwise, these Frenchmen have amalgamated virtually everything metal - notice how most song titles have been someone else’s at some point? - incorporated it into one amidst a heap of talent, soloing and alternately gruff and melodic vocals and fashioned a truly metal album of high quality proportions.
Herman Frank of Accept, Gerre of Tankard and Jeff Waters contributed and worked on this album. More importantly, the five musicians from Evil One worked on it. This one really works. - Ali “The Metallian”


Evil One