Tales From The Tomb - 2007 - Cyclone Empire
Dead Calm Chaos - 2008 - Cyclone Empire
Apocalyptic - 2010 - Cyclone Empire
Illusions Of Grandeur - 2012 - Century Media
The Shadow Archetype – 2017 – Metal Blade

Evocation image
S= Forsaken Grief, Cemetary, Soul Source>>THOMAS “TJOMPE” JOSEFSSON>>Cemetary, Soul Source

G= Cemetary 1213, Stoneflow>>Vesa Kenttäkumpu>>Cemetary 1213, Stoneflow – Forsaken Grief>>MARKO PALMEN>>Forsaken Grief – Eternal Chaos, Ethereal, As You Drown>>SIMON EXNER>>As You Drown

B= Martin Tore Toresson - Crematorium, Urticaria, Illdisposed, Defleshed, Valley Of The Dead>>GUSTAF JORDE>>Valley Of The Dead, Defleshed

D= Rentokiller>>Janne K. Boden>>Rentokiller

History & Biography
This band was formed in 1991, but split up by the end of 1992 due to “musical differences”. The brothers Janne and Vesa Kenttäkumpu were part of the founding line-up. Nonetheless, the group found time to record two demos, The Ancient Gate (produced by Tomas Skogsberg) and Promo ’92. A compilation of the material was issued in 2004 by Breath Of Night, which led to a reformation and a 2006 release simply called Demo 2006.

Cyclone Empire issued Evocation’s new album, Dead Calm Chaos in late 2008. At The Gates’ Anders Björler made a guest appearance on the album. Evocation then picked Apocalyptic as the title for its third album, which was due in October through Cyclone Empire Records. The album was licensed to Metal Blade Records in the USA under a new agreement between the labels. Evocation joined Arch Enemy as main support for three tour dates in May and June of 2011 in Slovakia and Poland. These Tour dates followed Evocation's European Tour as support for Amon Amarth.

To kick off 2012, Evocation signed a deal with Century Media Records. The band was entering the studio to record the follow-up to 2010's Apocalyptic. In the meantime, Century Media would issue a CD containing the band’s demos and unreleased songs this summer. Bassist Martin 'Tore' Toresson left the band in 2012 after 7 years with the group. The Swedish group was seeking replacements and could be contacted via marko@evocation.se.

Swedish band Evocation would release an album, called Illusions Of Grandeur, on September 24th, 2012 through Century Media Records. Mister Jorde was on bass. The summer of 2013 brought the Excised And Anatomised EP. It would become Boden’s last recording with the band. In the winter of 2014, Evocation recruited drummer Conny Pettersson of Anata to the band’s ranks. Simon Exner was now the band’s second guitarist. Metal Blade signed Swedish the death metal band in late 2016. The band’s next full-length album would be released in the winter of 2017. Janne K. Boden had left in 2013. The group released a new album, called The Shadow Archetype, on March 10 2017 through Metal Blade. Per Møller Jensen (Invocator) was a guest drummer. The band, citing a lack of motivation, split up in late 2019.