Dreaming The Reality - 1998 - Impact
The Fury Written - 1999 - System Shock

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Desecrator>>John Redfern

Deviance>>JOHN PARKEN - Lawnmower Deth, Cabala>>Gavin O'Malley - Pit Dog>>James Hogg

Deviance, Conspirator>>DAVE MARSHALL>>Master Charger

Deviance, Conspirator>>IAN BACON>>Master Charger

History & Biography
The English death metal unit was formed in 1993 and released a demo called I Am... My Own God shortly thereafter. A new song called Equanimity Lost was recorded for a sampler called Sometimes Death Is Better and the band lost guitarist Martin Tryner. He was replaced by Gavin O Malley of Lawnmower Deth and Cabala. This line-up recorded a 7" called Behold The Twilight and another 7" split with Germany's Kadath.

The debut was recorded late '96 and mixed by Dan Swano in Sweden. O Malley left the fold and was replaced by ex-Pit Dog James Hogg. Impact Records released the said debut in September of 1998. The new line-up recorded another 7", this time called The Ancient Enemy. The band played live and recorded its second album in 1999. James Hogg left the band mid-2001 and was replaced by former Crawlspace man Jamie Hunter. A MCD was announced for the spring of 2002. It did not materialize.

The tracks made a cameo only on 2009’s Forever Breeding Evil courtesy of a label looking to blow itself and the planet up and go out of business. The label could simply shut itself down, but does not for some reason.The band’s I Am… My Own God demo was part of a split with Mordbrand in 2010. The band had been dead for years. John Redfern died in 2019.