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Paul McBride

Hybrid>>PAUL SOLYNYSKYJ>>Hybrid, Damage Inc. - STEVE BLADES

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Mick Dodson - DAVE SYKES


History & Biography
Bradford hard rock band Excalibur was formed as a quartet as a school project by the 15-year olds as early as 1981. They may have very well kicked off a tradition of metal bands endlessly calling themselves 'Excalibur' all over the world going forward. Only Time Can Tell was a 1983 demo. Back Before Dawn was a 1984 demo. With Mick Dodson on drums the band released The Bitter End EP through Conquest Records in 1985. This EP was remixed by Conquest without the band’s permission. The Bitter End was recorded in March 1985 by Paul McBride, Paul Solynskyj, Martin Hawthorn and Mick Dodson at Woodlands Studio, UK with engineer Neil Ferguson, who went on to produce Chumbawamba. Steve Blades bolstered the guitars in 1986 and Sykes joined the band in 1988. The band gigged at many clubs around England. The Hot For Love single attracted attention in 1988 as much for its music as for the cover picture of a girl's butt. It was a BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show recording and produced by Mott The Hoople drummer Dale Griffin who worked often at the BBC. The band had the opportunity to open for Saxon after its only full-length release, but split up after McBride left the band. A single from the LP was called Carole Ann nonetheless. The end came after a number of farewell shows in 1992. The act had also opened for Uriah Heep and Budgie.

The Bitter End was reissued on CD and LP through the No Remorse label on 24th September 2021. It included the Back Before Dawn demo and a previously unheard mix of The Bitter End.