Split Image - 1987 - Suicidal
The Joke's On You - 1989 - Caroline
Seeking Refuge - 1995 - Rotten

Excel image
S= Chaotic Noise>>DANIEL CLEMENTS>>I Against I, Supervillain, Against

G= Chaotic Noise>>Adam Siegel>>My Head, The Eels, The Blondes

B= SHAUN ROSS>>I Against I, Hirax

D= Greg Saenz>>My Head, The Dwarves, Eagles Of Death Metal, Vega

History & Biography
Born a day after the demise of Chaotic Noise, Excel became less punk and more metal as time passed. In fact, Excel, DRI and Suicidal Tendencies were considered the fathers of Crossover. The band had a demo called Personal Onslaught in 1985 and appeared on the Welcome To Venice compilation before getting signed.

Furthermore, Excel was signed to the labels of DRI at one time and Suicidal Tendencies at another. The band was also produced by ST's Mike Muir. Excel hailed from Los Angeles. Excel saw renewed interest in its The Joke's On You album after the release of Metallica's self-titled album in 1991. Apparently Metallica's Enter Sandman single sported a major resemblance to Excel's song Tapping Into The Emotional Void. The members sought a lawyer in 2003 to represent the band in the matter.

Greg Saenz went on to play in Eagles Of Death Metal under the name GS Webone. Excel members were again contemplating suing Metallica in 2003. They alleged that the latter's song Enter Sandman was a duplication of Excel's song Tapping Into The Emotional Void. Crossover band Excel was planning to reunite for select live shows in 2012. Following the 2012-2013 reunion, California crossover act Excel teamed up with Southern Lord in 2014, which would reissue its debut album, Split Image, that summer. Following the rerelease of the Split Image album the band was confirmed to play the Southern Lord Recordings showcase on October 15th in Los Angeles. The band’s lineup was Dan Clements on vocals, Alex Barreto (Chain Of Strength) on guitar, Shaun Ross on bass and Mike Cosgrove on drums. Crossover band Excel remastered its 1989 album The Joke’s On You, which was being rereleased through Southern Lord in late 2016.