Superion - 2002 – Empire
Thronosis – 2017 – Dark Descent

Excommunion image
Rhune, Bestia Arcana, Akhlys, Aoratos>>KYLE SPANSWICK>>Rhune, Bestia Arcana, Akhlys, Aoratos

Josh Tavrow – Rhune, Nightbringer, Bestia Arcana, Akhlys, Aoratos>>KYLE SPANSWICK>>Rhune, Nightbringer, Bestia Arcana, Akhlys, Aoratos

Dethroned, Maveth, Cryptborn, Proscription, Bloodgreed, Hoath, Lantern>>CHRISTBUTCHER [TERRY CLARK]>>Dethroned, Maveth, Cryptborn, Proscription, Bloodgreed, Hoath, Lantern

Nightbringer>>Dustin Selveen>>Nightbringer, Execration, Bestia Arcana, Aoratos, Serpent Of The Black Forest, Akhlys – Black Sleep Of Kali, Aberrant>>GORDON KOCH

History & Biography
This band was formed in the summer of 1998 as Goatdaemon and featured Josh Tavrow (guitar), Kyle Spanswick (guitar), and Dustin Selveen (drums). The band borrowed the new monicker from a friend's project.

A demo called The Rites Of The Excommunion was immortalized in 1999, albeit in limited fashion for the band was not eager to distribute it widely. The year 2000 brought the band's fourth member ChristButcher (bass) which allowed the act to both record an album and play shows.

Having signed with Empire Records, the band played the Milwaukee Metal Fest and also saw the release of its album in America through WWIII. Earlier the band also appeared on a Morbid Angel tribute album. Excommunion excommunicated itself in 2006.

The inevitable resurrection was in 2013. Spanswick and Christbutcher recruited drummer Gordon Koch and came back. Thronosis was a new album in 2017. Christbutcher was living in Finland and playing in bands like Lantern and maintaining his own project, namely Bloodgreed. The act folded.


Excommunion's music is like getting hit by a ton of bricks. It will knock lesser mortals out with the pressure heaving at the chest incessantly. This is nothing less than a riff-holocaust of infernal proportions crushing and destroying without mercy. Excommunion's album takes influences by Rottrevore, Suffocation, Goreaphobia and Incantation, somehow decides those bands were not heavy enough, and then delivers the death-blow courtesy of first class riffing, punishing drumming and a vocalist as punishing as massive enemy shelling. The only real fault lies with the snare sound which (occasionally) is tuned too light. The six songs are longer than average, and while suffering a tad in the production department, come fast and furious enough to receive two horns up here at Metallian Towers. Superion is as close to a metal paragon as any these days - Ali "The Metallian"