Green Is Good - 1992 - Ecocentric
Ethos Musick - 1994 - Relapse

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S= Candiriu, Namanax, Pica>>BILL YURKIEWICZ>>Candiriu, Namanax, Pica
G= Geneticide, Candiriu>>STEVE O' DONNELL>>Candiriu - Patrick McCahan
B= Joel Di Pietro
D= Satan's Bake Sale>>Bill Shaffer

Formed in January of 1989 by McCahan. The band called itself 'grind rock' and adopted a pro-drugs/environmental attitude. The band releases five demos and two vinyls, the latter being The Unrequited Love For Chicken Soup on Thrash Records and the Green Is Good LP for Ecocentric. Vocalist Bill moves to Denver to start relapse Records for a short time and with that label established the band found a permanent home as the 'house band.' More 7's followed and with the line up shifting the grinders employed people as diverse as Dan Lilker and King Fowley here and there. July of 1993 brought the sampler Don't Spare The Green Love CD. After Ethos Musick (with a speaker-shattering surprise), the band participated in another ten kilos worth of samplers and EPs and paid tribute to everyone from Venom and The Doors to their milkman and accountant. The band's cover art work and parody of Venom managed to upset a few Venom fans as Yurkiewicz's dislike for black metal was well pronounced. An announced album called Didactic Grind went AWOL.



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