Humagination - 2013 - Metal Mind
Aftereal - 2014 - Metal Mind

Exlibris image
S= Night Mistress, Nocny Kochanek>>Krzyk 'Chris' Sokolowski>>Night Mistress, Nocny Kochanek - RIKU TURUNEN
G= Chain Reaction, Corruption>>DANIEL LECHMANSKI>>Chain Reaction, Corruption
D= Chaosphere, Joy Machine>>Misiek Slusarski>>Joy Machine
K= Hexfire, Leash Eye>>PIOTR “VOLTAN” SIKORA>>Leash Eye

The band was formed in Warsaw, Poland in 2003. Female vocalist Joanna Borecka was part of the group until 2006. Drummer Mateusz Piotrowski was part of the band for one year. Metal Mind Productions would release an album by the band from Poland in 2013. The band played in the Czech Republic. The band’s first release was entitled Humagination and was scheduled for release on October 21st. The 2004 demo was called Znamię. Skyward appeared in 2006.

In 2014, Exlibris was working on its Aftereal album. The release is planned for late autumn through Metal Mind Productions. Riku Turunen was the new vocalist as of 2016. Former member Błażej Grygiel was on bass with Crystal Viper. The band released a demo called Innertia on June 29th 2018. Poland/Finland-based power-prog metal band Exlibris had a single for the upcoming Shadowrise demo. Hell Or High Water was accompanied by a lyric video created by the band’s lead singer Riku Turunen. The band was working on a new album.