In Hatred's Flame – 2008 – Heavy Artillery
Beyond The Fall Of Time – 2011 - Heavy Artillery
Slave To The Sword – 2014 - Prosthetic
Ride Forth – 2016 - Prosthetic
The Sound Of Steel – 2018 - Prosthetic
Necrophony - 2023 - Nuclear Blast

Exmortus image
Balmore Lemus – Warbringer>>JADRAN "CONAN" GONZALEZ>>Warbringer

Balmore Lemus>>NovaReign, Warbringer, Dire Peril, Judicator, Lunar - Sean Redline - The Fae, Rattlehead>>JADRAN "CONAN" GONZALEZ>>The Fae – Desecrate, Warbringer, Enforcer>>CHASE BECKER>>Warbringer, Enforcer

Svenhardz>>Daniel Duarte>>Witchaven – Grotesque, Abysmal Dawn, Sirion>>Mike Cosio>>Sirion – David Rivera - Fossilized>>PHILLIP NUÑEZ>>Fossilized

Mario Mortus - Hexen, In Misery, Warbringer, Blade Killer, Skeletal Remains, Mantic Ritual>>Carlos Cruz>>Warbringer, Mantic Ritual, Machine Head, Powertrip, Necrosound, OHM - Void Vator, Vio-lence>>ADRIAN AGUILAR>>Void Vator, Vio-lence

History & Biography
The Los Angeles-based act was founded in 2002 and began issuing demos with a vengeance. Names ran the gamut of Dawn Of Apocalypse, Onward To Battle, etc. In Hatred's Flame was a 2007 EP and a 2008 album. Exmortus’ The Sound Of Steel album was released through Prosthetic on June 8th. Chase Becker joined as second guitarist in 2018. The band was opening for Obituary in the USA. M-Theory issued the Legions Of The Undead EP in 2019. It featured several cover versions.

Canada-based heavy and power metal festival Hyperspace announced its 2023 line-up. Bands due to appear in April at the Vancouver event were Striker, Exmortus, Lords Of The Trident and Judicator. The band’s live guitarist Richie Brown also joined I Am Morbid in 2022. Aguilar joined Vio-lence on the road. The 2023 record came through Nuclear Blast in late summer.