Burial - 1998 - Endtime
Undeceived - 2002 - Endtime
Synergy - 2003 - Century Media
The Blueprint Dives - 2005 - Century Media
Extol - 2013 - Indie

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Absurd2>>Christer Espevoll>>Absurd2, Azusa – Ganglión, Lengsel>>Ole Halvard Sveen>>Mantric, Bolivar, Tims Familytree - Ganglión, Lengsel>>Tor Glidje>>Mantric – Antestor, Solo, Fleshkiller>>OLE BØRUD>>Solo, Fleshkiller

Eystein Holm>>She Said Destroy - Lengsel>>John Robert Mjåland>>Lengsel, Mantric

The Crest, Absurd2, Twisted Into Form>>DAVID HUSVIK>The Crest, Absurd2, Twisted Into Form, Azusa

History & Biography
Extol was formed in 1994 as a white metal band by drummer David Husvik, guitarist Christer Espevoll and his brother singer Peter Espevoll. Bassist Eystein Holm would soon complete the line-up. Next in was second guitarist Emil Nikolaisen. In January of 1996 Extol recorded three songs for a Norwegian sampler called Northern Lights. The Embraced demo soon followed. The band issued an album called Burial in 1998. Another mini-album was called Mesmerized and was released in 1999. It featured both new tracks and remixes. The band toured Europe in 2005 with Mastodon and Dozer. The band went on hiatus and three members got busy with Mantric. Extol reformed in 2012. The band would release its self-titled album on June 24th, 2013 through Indie Recordings. Ole formed Fleshkiller in 2016 following Extol’s inactivity. Gospel Oak was the first single from Norway-based duo, Hrada featuring Peter Espevoll and Åsmund Janøy who worked with Extol on its Of Light And Shade DVD.


To listen to Extol is to listen to a band of contradictions. The God-worshipping Norwegians bow at the altar of progressive rock one second, move to thrashing metal mad next and then reside over a period of somber tranquillity. Ambient aggressive or ambient sensitive, the band has the magic to make every moment sound ever so intense and to do so in an unprecedented manner.
There is little question that the members are masters of their instruments and of instrumentation, but more importantly, the band conquers the riddle of how to arrange music painstakingly for every frame of mind. Whether a fan of Strapping Young Lad, Into Eternity, Green Carnation or even The Smashing Pumpkins The Blueprint Dives has a spot for you to plunge in and feel at home and songs like Soul Deprived, Another Adam's Escape or The Death Sedative all have a story to tell. For Extol to be convincing makes little sense, but that is precisely why it does exactly that. - Ali "The Metallian"