Symphonies Of Steel - 1985 - Black Dragon
A Recipe For Power - 1993 - Massacre
Coldblackugly - 1996 - Massacre
Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse - 2011 - Pure Steel

Exxplorer image
Sacrifice>>Lennie Rizzo, Cobalt Blue - Raggedy Aneurysm>>Barry Hocking Jr.>>Raggedy Aneurysm - Jim Abbiati – Cobalt Blue, Sacrifice>>LENNY RIZZO

Kevin Kennedy - Fred Gorhau>>The Wizards Of Winter - Ed Lavolpe - KEVIN KENNEDY

Jimmy Gardner>>Cobalt Blue – Elysium, Drifter, Skullshifter>>Jay Mccaffrey>>Drifter, Skullshifter - Cobalt Blue>>Jimmy Gardner


Curt Breze

History & Biography
New York's Exxplorer was founded in 1982 and hailed widely in 1985 as a skilled band that united heavy metal and classic music - another Metallica myth debunked. Despite good reviews the band disappeared until its reunion some eight years later. The third album was rockier and more nineties sounding and featured new singer Hucking. It goes without saying that the Exxplorer moniker was meaningless then and the band disappeared again escorted by a number of band reviews. The band then reformed again and reinstated Rizzo. 2001 brought reports that the band will record but Rizzo is out again. First order of business was a re-release of Symphonies with brand new bonus tracks recorded with new man Abbiati. Raggedy Aneurysm was recorded right after Coldblackugly.

The band reformed in 2008 with four-fifths of its original line-up. The band was to appear at the Keep It True XII festival in Germany in 2009. Original Exxplorer guitarist Kevin Kennedy replaced Ed LaVolpe in the New Jersey band in April of 2010. Ed was unhappy with the band’s internal atmosphere. The band was still writing songs and hoping to record an album that year. Exxplorer released a new album, Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse, on October 21st of 2011 through Pure Steel Records.