9 Elements Of Inner Vision - 2004 - Massacre
A World Full Of Grey - 2007 - Dockyard 1
The Unseen – 2008 – Dockyard1
The Inception Of Darkness – 2012 - Rockstar

Eyefear image
S= Pegazus, Anarion, Seven Witches, Solo>>Danny Cecati


B= Rob Gorham – Amethyst, Memnoir, Luthor, Taramis, Vulvagun, Black Majesty>>EVAN HARRIS>>Taramis, Vulvagun, Black Majesty

D= Black Majesty>>Zain Kimmie>>Black Majesty

K= Sammy Giaccotto – Seb Schneider

History & Biography
Born to this world in freight in 1994 with singer Jason Smart in tow the Melbourne Aussies issued the Edge Of Existence, Dawn... A New Beginning and a 2003 promo independently before signing the dotted line with Massacre Records. In the meanwhile, former Hyperion singer Jim Georgopoulos had also come and gone. Being allotted the progressive metal tag the quintet issued its official debut 9 Elements Of Inner Vision in 2004. The band had had the record mixed in Sweden by Andy LaRocque. The album was issued in America in 2005 by Nightmare Records. The band signed with Dockyard 1 in 2007. A new CD, A World Full Of Grey, was recorded at keyboardist Sammy Giaccotto's studio Peak Time Productions in Melbourne, Australia. It was mixed by Andy La Rocque at Los Angered Studio in Sweden. Danny Cecati announced he was leaving the band at the beginning of 2014. He changed his mind later that year. He did leave later. Riccardo Mecchi replaced him. Seb Schneider did leave in 2014.

The band teased a new drummer as it was playing Steel Assassins - True Metal Festival in 2022. The act also teased new music in 2023. That spring brought a concert opening for Teramaze.


Australia's Eyefear may not be the world's most distinctive band, but it does what it does with composure and grace. The band is best tagged as progressive rock with its melodic delivery, smooth higher-pitched vocals (courtesy of former Pegazus singer Danny Cecati) and keyboard orientation. Songs range from four to seven minutes in length and chart a course straight down the middle of the progressive strait. The tracks are juxtaposed by veering into the more symphonic or being heavier and having more substantive guitar chords. As such, this will be of interest to both fans of melodic hard rock and progressive genres. - Ali "The Metallian"