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G= Disinter>>PUSSY PULVERIZER [PRESTON SCHREWSBURY]>>Disinter - Ledfoot, Kill, Spiritual Decay, Extremacy>>Nipple Cruncher [Vance Campbell]>>Spiritual Decay, Extremacy

B= Disinter>>Gene Scrotosak [Erik Micek] - RECTUM WRECKER [MIKE LEGROS]>>Disinter, Jungle Rot, Novembers Doom, These Are They

D= Impulse Manslaughter>>BLOOD SPUNKER [JOHN TOLCZYK]

History & Biography
Chicago's Eyegouger (with future members of Disinter, Morgue Supplier, etc.) released a 7" on Nuclear Blast called Ass Rotor. The act was formed in January of 1990. Blood Spunker, who was the guitarist for Impulse Manslaughter and Nipple Cruncher were part of the original line-up. Not unexpectedly, the band specialized in pussycore.

Testical Pounder soon joined them on vocals and Dave Ingram who would go on to sing for Benediction. The latter took over the bass. A demo called Buff A (Corpse) was recorded in the spring of 1990. Ingram departed to England and Pussy Pulverizer and Gene Scrotosak joined the fold. This line-up recorded the Ass Rotor EP.

Scrotosak was soon replaced by Rectum Wrecker (Mike Legros). With Wrecker writing the band recorded a demo called Pornus Grind 93. An independent CD called Ass Attack followed in 1995.

The band did a one-off reunion show at The Expo Of The Extreme. This lead to a show at Milwaukee Metal Fest 2003 and plans to write newer songs. In 2004 the band announced the release of a CD originally recorded in 1993. Eyegouger was shopping the AssAttack CD to labels in 2004. It featured 15 "brutal ass-ripping pornus-grind songs."