After The Fire - 1991 - Solid Rock
Firestorm - 2014 - Yesterrock

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S= Hall Of Fame>>Peter Henrics>>S.O.S.- Bangalore Choir, Sircle Of Silence, Stream, Gypsy Rose, Malice, Powerworld, Bonfire, John Steel, Iron Allies>>DAVID REECE>>Gypsy Rose, Malice, Bonfire, John Steel, Iron Allies
G= Cacumen, Lessmann/Ziller, Bonfire>>HANS ZILLER [JOHANN ZILLER]>>Bonfire
B= Hermann Brauer - Tango Down, Seven Witches>>RONNIE PARKS
D= Jürgen Wiehler - Bonfire, Solemnity, Dorian Opera, Stormwitch>>HARRY REISCHMANN>>Bonfire, Solemnity, Dorian Opera

The Ingolstadt-based band around Bonfire guitarist Hans Ziller was formed in 1990. Bonfire singer Claus Lessmann was to be the singer, but apparently record company contracts prohibited him. After The Fire sold around 20,000 copies before the band disappeared. Too Late For Paradise was a single. The band supported the album on the road as part of the Metal Hammer Roadshow alongside Axel Rudi Pell, Casanova, Coracko and Domain. Without success Ziller returned to rekindle Bonfire.

The band returned in 2013 with drummer Harry Reischmann, also of Bonfire, bassist Ronnie Parks (Tango Down and Seven Witches) on bass guitar, piano man Paul Morris (Rainbow) and one-time Accept singer David Reece. The band had a new album, called Firestorm, which was produced and mixed by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, etc.). he band intended to tour to play originals and covers of music by Rainbow, Accept and others.



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