Trollmarsj - 2010 - Mayhem
Dovrefall – 2018 - Mighty

Faanefjell image
S= Managarm, Forbandet, Grívf>>SYRTROLL [BENJAMIN ISAR JØRGENSEN]>>Grívf
G= Eon, Rules Of Engagement>>GRIMTROLL [KIM-ARLY KARLSEN]>>Eon, Rules Of Engagement – DRAAGYN [KJELL CAN]
D= Arghtyr – Mental Disaster>>Berserk [David Olsen]>>Mental Disaster

Faanefjell is a Norwegian mountain and the name of an extreme folk band from Kristiansand. Folklore has it that the trolls were driven away from the mountain with human settlement. The band’s debut was issued in September of 2010 and was recorded by Grimtroll, Syrtroll and drummer Arghtyr. The album featured guests like Ronny Thorsen of Trail Of Tears, Cato Arghamon of Trail Of Tears and Dimension F3H and Audun Grønnestad of Imperia. The last name also produced the record. Berserk left in 2014.


That this Norwegian band is all about 'trolls' is a given what with two members’ names incorporating the term, the cover of the album featuring them, the songs being about them, the intro describing them and the album name featuring them. What will soon become clear, however, is that the band itself is a troll; no, not actual ones, although you never know given the number of references, but trolls to the metal scene.
The Norwegian lyrics and titles are all troll-ish thematically, but the music is the typical folk-ish mess that bands like this bring to the table. The production is not the best and falls apart at the bottom-end. Soknardalr (Windir cover) and Slaatt are mainly instrumentals and expose the band’s penchant for synthesizers and a drum machine. The gruff vocals are mixed with clean chanting, so on, and so forth and no one really cares for this nonsense. Oddly enough, the one song called Til Kamp that is fifty-percent heavy, where the band even channels Cannibal Corpse, sports a better sound than the rest of the disc. The rest of the disc is narrative troll folklore in the band’s native tongue running over Classical allusions and wimpy folk pretensions. Someone give me a Europe album as I am in the mood for something heavier than this. - Ali “The Metallian”