Bloodred Hell - 2004 - Rage Of Achilles
Dead, Rotten And Hungry - 2008 - Pulverised
Infected - 2010 - Cyclone Empire
Dedicated To The Flesh – 2013 – Cyclone Empire

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No Fucking God, Darkified, Pan.Thy.Monium, Incapacity, Scypozoa, Edge Of Sanity, Solar Dawn, Incapacity, Devian, Scar Symmetry, Zombified>>ROBERTH “ROBBAN” KARLSSON>>Solar Dawn, Incapacity, Devian, Scar Symmetry, Zombified

No Fucking, God, Scypozoa, Kill>>JANNE IVARSSON - Garden Of Silence, Blackcide, Backwardness, Grave>>MIKA LAGREN>>Blackcide, Backwardness, Redscream, Grave

Kill, Ashes>>JONAS MAGNUSSON>>Ashes


History & Biography
Not Jawbreaker, but Facebreaker, hailing from Sweden and meaning it too. Formed in 1999, Use Your Fist Demo of 2000 and Hate & Anger 7” of 2003 followed. Guitarist Janos Szijart quit and was replaced by Mika. With Rage raging itself into bankruptcy less than a year after the album’s release the group jumped to Pulverised - signing for two albums - and issued an album in 2008. The band was invited to play at 2008’s Party.San Open Air Festival.

Facebreaker signed with Cyclone Empire Records in early 2010. The band's third album, Infected, was due in the summer. It was licensed to Metal Blade in the USA under a new agreement between labels.


Has Grave been too slow for you in recent years? Entombed hasn’t had real heaviness in the last, what, 1,000 years? Dismember not distorted enough? Bolt Thrower’s sound not thick enough? Miss Deranged already? Want to hear the most evil guitar solos since Hell Awaits? Then you need to get your face broken - literally.
Exemplifying the Swedeath guitar sound and possessing a huge sound Facebreaker is the end-all of brutal death metal. If there ever were an album whose sound could be described as 'slamming,' then Dead, Rotten And Hungry would be it song after song after bruising bloody song. With a full on drum sound and vocals from the darkest abyss of hell this album has to be the surprise of the season at least. The speed of Devoured By Decay, clever riffing of Night Of The Burning Dead and arrangement of Burner will leave you gasping for breath.
Speaking of which, this is the required album should your parents be dead and you need something to wake them up. Play this and watch every N Flames fan within 100 km radius wilt and die. Kudos to the sound achieved at Black Lounge Studio too. Incredible. - Ali “The Metallian”

“I am a little hung over and my kids are taking a bath,” says Mika upon first calling in. The first part is very metal; the second part not so much.

Mika Lagrén is the guitarist for Swedish death metal band Facebreaker and, for a change, the description of the style is not used frivolously. Facebreaker is brutal and fast beyond belief and a sure-fire hit on this side of the tracks. Since Pulverised Records has been brave enough to issue the band’s second album, Dead, Rotten And Hungry, Ali “The Metallian” graciously accepted a telephone call from the band’s zombie spokesman (who actually was asked to play in Edge Of Sanity upon that band’s reformation) which went something like this... - 28.06.2008

METALLIAN: Mika, you have recently released Dead, Rotten And Hungry through Singapore’s Pulverised Records. What is new with the band?
MIKA: We are actually writing new songs for the next album! There hasn’t been much live activity because the guys in the band are doing other stuff. We will record our new album next summer however.

METALLIAN: What are the band members busying themselves with?
MIKA: Our singer Roberth is playing in Devian, which features the former members of Marduk. He has been on tour with them for two month so we haven’t been able to play live. I think he is playing bass with them full-time. They are recording a new album too. We will play live as much as we can and also record an album next year. I don’t think anyone else is in any other serious bands.

METALLIAN: Is Facebreaker going for the title of the world’s most brutal band? The record sure vies for the honour.
MIKA: We all like brutal music so it comes natural for us to play like that. It is quite simple too. It doesn’t have too many technical aspects. It is just straightforward, in-your-face death metal. Yeah, it is really brutal. I don’t know how we get that sound. We just crank up the amplifiers to the maximum and do”¦ stuff! We like it that way and it sounds good. We have all been playing death metal for years and we thought it was time to release brutal death metal.

METALLIAN: What about the Swedish guitar sound that you adopt as your own?
MIKA: I agree that we have that sound, but because the music is recorded in Sweden as well! We have all been listening to that sound growing up so it is natural for us to also have that sound. I have been playing guitar since I was six-years old so that is twenty-five years now. I used to play punk rock because it is easy to do. We recorded here in Sweden at Black Lounge Studio. The owner plays guitar in Scar Symmetry. He just knows how it should all sound. We used just one guitar on each channel.

METALLIAN: The album sounds as if you have used many more overdubs.
MIKA: I know. We actually tried to record two guitars each, but it was too much so we left it at one guitar each. The sound was pretty thick as it is so it became too much with more! We also have a distorted bass which pushes the guitar even more.

METALLIAN: Robban’s vocals are also more brutal than anything he has done in his past.
MIKA: Yeah, I know. I guess he was limited in Edge Of Sanity. The guys in Edge Of Sanity wanted him to sound clearer in a special way. In Facebreaker he does what he wants. He is a fucking good singer too.

METALLIAN: So go ahead and compare Facebreaker with other bands.
MIKA: Everyone compares us to Grave and Entombed and Dismember, but I don’t know. I don’t think so. We don’t try to sound like anybody else. We recorded our album last summer and we will do another one for Pulverised Records. The next one will sound the same. We will always be like this.

METALLIAN: Are all your songs about zombies? I haven’t seen the lyrics, but the titles are not exactly ambiguous.
MIKA: There is no theme. We just felt like zombies and evil fit the music. Most of them are about zombies. We draw influences from horror movies. We watch horror all the time. Walking Dead was inspired by my video games that have zombies in them. That is also an inspiration. We all write lyrics and contribute.
Slowly Rotting is a great opening for the album. It is very hard and fast. The album also ends with a fast one. Devoured By Decay is the fastest song. The riff is pretty simple and goes on and on. It is like a machine, but it is not boring to play. We always play it live. We end all our shows with Devoured By Decay. It is a great ending for the album and our shows. Night Of The Burning Dead has lyrics by the former guitarist for Edge Of Sanity, Andreas Dread. I don’t know anything about the lyrics. When we run out of ideas we call Dread and he writes lyrics for us. He comes up with great stuff. He is a good friend. I was at his apartment yesterday drinking beer.

METALLIAN: What is he up to these days?
MIKA: He is playing in a rock band like The Hellacopters. He has a new project called Tortured Death. They are recording for No Fashion Records.

METALLIAN: You mean No Fashion still exists?
MIKA: Yes, I guess they started again. I think the band is called Tortured Death!

METALLIAN: Can you say a few words about the song Burner? What is the line, “I rule the world” about?
MIKA: We wrote that song a couple of years ago. We actually had recorded The Awakening and Burner two years ago. It is the first song we wrote or this album. I don’t know what that line is about. The song, I think, is about the devil. It is not about the band.

METALLIAN: What do you think of the devil then?
MIKA: I don’t know. He is probably a cool guy, but we are not Satanists or anything. Anyway, I rather think about the devil than Jesus.

METALLIAN: By the way, what do you do for a day job?
MIKA: I am a blacksmith welder. I have a cool job.

METALLIAN: So it’s metal at work and at home then?
MIKA: People at my work are really understanding of my music. Everybody at work, my girlfriend, my mom and dad accepts my music even if they don’t like it. Almost everybody here plays some kind of a metal music. It could be because we are in Sweden!

METALLIAN: And finally, do you guys wear Björn Borg underwear?
MIKA: Our singer wears Björn Borg underwear. I see it when he takes his trousers off...

If the band ever updates it there will be information on the band at http://www.facebreaker.com; otherwise you would have to become a pre-teen all over again and find yourself on myspace. See the band live at Party.San festival this year, which was somehow organized for the band by Regain Records.

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