Mindfield - 1995 - Roadrunner
The Twisted Rule The Wicked - 1998 - Nuclear Blast
The Will To Power - 2005 - Black Lodge

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S= The Haunted>>MARCO ARO>>The Haunted, In The Resistance

G= Afflicted Convulsion, Dismember, Probocsis, Afflicted, Meat Missile, General Surgery, Nice Idiot>>Joacim Carlsson>>General Surgery, Nice Idiot

B= Nation Beyond, Construcdead>>JOAKIM HARJU HEDESTEDT>>Construcdead, Nation Beyond

D= Richard Bang - Damnation, Unanimated, Merciless>>Peter Skjarvind>>Entombed, Murder Squad, Krux, Merciless, Pest, Serpent Omega, VOJD - Construcdead, General Surgery, Terror 2000>>Erik Thyselius>>Terror 2000


History & Biography
These Swedish veterans were formed in 1993 and were often compared to Machine Head and were signed to MH's label Roadrunner.

The band would switch to Nuclear Blast for its second effort.

The band reformed in 2005 and recorded a new album, The Will To Power, through Black Lodge Records. The CD was recorded at Fear And Loathing studio in Sweden. Face Down parted ways with drummer Erik Thyselius and replaced him with Blackshine’s Christofer Barkensjö. After a show at Ekens Gård in the autumn of 2007 Face Down decided to make Rickard Dahlberg (Construcdead) a permanent replacement for Joacim Carlsson. The band was working on a forthcoming album called Mass Murder Agenda. Face Down threw in the towel in 2011.



Face Down