As A Matter Of... - 1984 - Mausoleum
Without Warning - 1985 - Earthshaker

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S= Mike Otto - X-Mas Project>>Reent Froehlich>>X-Mas Project, Crossroads
G= Mike Otto>>Douglaz A.M. - PATRICIA HUTH
B= Thorsten Kath - TOM RÖBEN>>Laos, Crossroads
D= PEER M. WÜRFEL>>Crossroads
K= Mike Otto

The group was founded in Sande, Germany in June 1983. Fact is that these guys played heavy metal. Heavy Metal Power Play was the demo's title in the winter of 1984. The group toured with Cutty Sark in March 1985. When the band’s label bit the dust, Otto left and the group fell apart. Reent Froehlich was replaced by Mike Feyer. He, in turn, would be replaced by Horst Neumann (ex-Brainfever) in 1988. Feyer would join Fandango.

The band is often compared to Accept. Crossroads was a hard rock band. Huth was in the running to join members of Girlschool, but the group’s line-up remained intact and a new album did not materialize. Otto turned up in DouglazA.M. where he was billed as Micky Otto. Peer Michael Würfel died in 2022.