Fading Beauty - 1974 - Kopec/Independent
Back On My Hill - 1980 - Sky
Rock Lions - 1981 - Sky
Hard Breath - 1983 - Sky
Gold'N'Glory - 1984 - Mausoleum
Skol - 1985 - Ambush
Live - 1986 - Noise

Faithful Breath image
S= Renate Heemann - Jürgen Renfordt - HEINZ MIKUS>>Risk
G= HEINZ MIKUS>>Risk - Andy Hönig>>Bullet, Human, Extrabreit - THILO HERMANN>>Risk, Holy Moses, Running Wild, Glenmore, Grave Digger, Hoellenhunde, Feanor
B= Horst Stabenow - PETER DELL>>Risk
D= Jurgen Weritz - Uwe Otto - JURGEN DUESTERLOH>>Risk
K= Manfred Von Buttlar

Faithful Breath were not kidding with their monicker. Formed in 1967 by Stabenow and Mikus after being called The Magic Power for a year, the band sounded progressive and influenced by Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly and Genesis by the time of the release of Fading Beauty with its very appropriate cover. Fading Beauty was released again years later by Laser's Edge. The band also sported a Viking image and its themes, covers and looks were Nordic.

Back On My Hill was recorded in 1978 and appeared in 1980. The band split up here but reformed with drummer Otto who left again in 1982. Honig and Dell join and the band turned heavier on Gold'N'Glory. This album features the line “we live our lives restless and wild.” Now on Mausoleum, the band seemed to have gained a new lease on life. King Of The Rock was an under-rated metal anthem from that album. The band appeared at the 1984 edition of Heavy Sound Festival in Belgium in 1984. Also appearing were Lita Ford, Twisted Sister, H-Bomb and Metallica. Honig left after what is the band's most successful album and Hermann walked in. Skol was recorded at Dieter Dirks' studio and the band even hit the USA, but things changed when the act called itself Risk in 1987 and chose a heavier thrash metal direction! Düsterloh died in 2014.



Faithful Breath