Rise From Ashes – 2008 – Metal On Metal
Engines Of Oppression – 2010 - Metal On Metal
World In Decay – 2015 - Cyberdyne

S= ERIK HANSEN - Disinterment, Semesus>>BRAD KENNAUGH
G= Skelator>>ERIK HANSEN>>Skelator - MATT BE ROTH
B= Sol Negro, Waking Hour, Skelator>>CARL LARSSON>>Sol Negro, Waking Hour, Skelator
D= Evangelist, Funeral Age, In Memorium>>Rob Steinway>>In Memorium, Skelator, Somnae – Usurper, Beltfed Weapon>>STEVE SPITZBART>>Beltfed Weapon

The thrash metal band was founded in 2002 and issued Cries Of War in 2004. Demo was issued in 2005. The group’s first full-length album appeared in late summer of 2008. Steve Spitzbart joined in 2010. In the summer of 2015, Fallen Angels was hitting the road for concerts in Oregon and Washington to promote the release of World In Decay, which was produced by Michael Rosen. The album was released on August 4th through Cyberdyne Records. The band fell to pieces in 2016.


Seattle, USA's Fallen Angels have enlisted Michael Rosen (Forbidden, Death Angel, etc.) to produce this their third album. A band referencing the Bay Area thrash sound and era can immediately place themselves in the dated category. That description can be a positive depending on its execution. The opener, The Hammer's Blow, is straightforward thrash, perhaps too much so. The no-nonsense speedy thrash continues in Nightmare. The quintet's guitarists - Matt Be Roth and Erik Hansen - inject the double solo in the song to add the 'technical' to it and the bassist, Carl Larsson, takes some inspiration from Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus, Death, etc.) to do the same. The song itself sounds a bit like late '80s Overkill in parts. Forsaken Existence continues the same path, sometimes not very convincingly. Leading The Blind starts heavy and Bard Kennaugh's vocals may remind some listeners of DRI's Kurt Brecht. Overall the song fits right in and is a time machine to 1987 or 1988. Fire At Eden's Gate would be a shorter time travel, it is more controlled. Into The Abyss features the traditional backing vocals screaming the song chorus. The Hour Of The Time is very nihilistic and reminiscent of Mortal Sin's type of thrash. Mortis Ex Machina continues the lyrical theme highlighted by the album title. An unlisted outro closes World In Decay. Check the thrashers at www.fallenangelsthrashband.com. - Anna Tergel


Fallen Angels