Grey Man’s Requiem - 2001 - Voice Of Life
Royal Killing - 2004 - Metal Age
Bloodred Salvation - 2006 - Lifeforce
The Crossfire - 2007 - Lifeforce
Open Wide, O Hell - 2024 - Lifeforce

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Lars Ostermann - Rene Betzold - Obscuration, Soulgate's Dawn, Deadlock>>JOHN GAHLERT>>Obscuration, Soulgate's Dawn, Deadlock

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Obscuration, Soulgate's Dawn>>John Gahlert>>Obscuration, Soulgate's Dawn - Simon Brach - ALEX FISCHER

Ulli Walther - Atanatos>>Nick Putzmann>>Mimosis - Devaste>>LUTZ EINENKEL

History & Biography
Fall Of Serenity is a German death metal band that was formed in 1998. The group changed its name to Fall Of Serenity in 1999 and issued a split vinyl with Heaven Shall Burn. First though an EP called Smoldering Doom appeared on x83xrecords after a small Belgian label failed to release the material. Demonstration Tracks 2000 followed. Fall Of Serenity signed with Voice Of Life Records and issued Grey Man’s Requiem. Royal Killing was released in 2004 through Metal Age Productions. This release featured drummer Putzmann. The band’s third album appeared on yet another label, Lifeforce Records. Bloodred Salvation was recorded with Rene Betzold on vocals, but the man would soon depart leaving John Gahlert as the sole singer. Simon Brach was recruited on bass. A tour with Spawn Of Possession and Hate Eternal was cut short because the band believed the business arrangements were not favourable to the band or its promotion. A tour with label-mates By Night closed out 2006. The band completed a new album called The Crossfire which was due in November of 2007. A tour with Dismember and Hatesphere followed. The band played With Full Force XV festival (Mayhem, In Flames, etc.) in the summer of 2008 and disbanded. It returned in 2010.

Fall Of Serenity was back on Lifeforce Records for the release of a new album, called Open Wide, O Hell, which was due in early 2024. There was a video for the song Chaos Reign.


Let me take you to another time, say 1991, when metal was hard and metal was innovative and bands did not she away from the sheen of spotless devotion to the music of the gods. Fall Of Serenity reminds one of the days of yore when bands bashed out death metal that was neither fancy nor polished, yet revelled in sludgy brutal and animalistic doom with growls and unaffected naiveté.
Now, Royal Killing is not anywhere close to perfect nor is it entirely undefiled from the ravages of external influence. Let us be reasonable for, after all, this is 2005 and it takes an acutely independent mind to have resisted the constant battering metal purity has received from the glossy hard music-turned-metal comics on the store shelves and its hypocritical writers. Still, aside from a couple of lame and misplaced clean vocals on songs like Thirst For Knowledge and Demon - (mon)archy, this album delivers on the legacy of albums like Defleshed’s first couple, the Fleshcrawl debut or another German band Fermenting Innards. Well, then there is that one song where the band strips its music into a simplified At The Gates.
Now you know what to expect and the review did not even resort to fancy tongue-twisting lingo-whirlers where some The Gathering/flavour of the day band groupie pretends he revels or comprehends death metal and is going to impress the reader by replacing genuine appreciation with a bizarre linguistic diarrhoea designed to augment the said man’s application to some bigger publicist lube job like Rolling Stone. - Ali “The Metallian”

Fall Of Serenity can in many ways be considered typical nowadays, especially at home in Germany. From the better-known Heaven Shall Burn to newer acts like Feast For The Crows the band’s Swedish influenced brand of thrash and death metal combined with a hint of crossover is indeed rampant nowadays. Having said that, the quintet delivers in several areas. What it lacks in originality is made up for in gusto and ferocity. A couple of bloody instrumentals, namely Blood Starts Running and Bloodred Salvation, aside a track like Out Of The Clouds features fairly fast thrashing. Raise Your Remorse is quite heavy and almost brutal. As I Watch has good riffs, while Overflowing Senses is relatively melodic. The dual vocals click here, which is more than one can say for the background synthesizers.
Fall Of Serenity is plummeting down a deep hole well travelled, yet might still delivers the goods in absolute terms. Fact is most listeners are not quite as jaded as the average reviewer. - Ali “The Metallian”

The newly rejigged Fall Of Serenity album has hit the aggression jackpot. Moving people around and recruiting new blood has given the band a new lease on metal life that is almost astounding. In the same way that a guest appearance by Dew-Scented’s Leif Jensen on Fall Of Serenity’s 2006 album, Bloodred Salvation, has possibly inspired The Crossfire to be more Dew-Scented/At The Gates violent perhaps the appearance of Holy Moses’ Sabina Classen will bode well for the latter band’s coming album too.
The Crossfire still has the odd melodic trappings of bands like Dark Tranquillity here and there, but those segments now sound more like a remnant of a trendy past instead of an element of Fall Of Serenity. The band today is a ferocious monster spewing thrashing metal booming with aggression and power. The double bass drums blow the competition away, the guitarist’s right hand is in constant motion, the riffs are varied and interesting and John Gahlert’s vocals go from screams, to grunts and growls with ease without ever sacrificing the feeling of authority. Since the occasional ones are so good a couple of more lead guitars would have been welcome however. Special nod to the title track and A Whore Called Freedom! - Ali “The Metallian"


Fall Of Serenity