Infernal Thrashing Holocaust - 2004 - Satanic Lust
Nuclear Thrashing Attack - 2007 - Worldchaos
Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer - 2012 - Pulverised
Kill北京Fast – 2017 - 蓐收Os

Fastkill image
S= King’s-Evil>>TOSHIO KOMORI>>King’s-Evil
G= Akihiro Ito>>Coven – Death Power, Anti A.K., Code Red>>JIRO MOCHIZUKI>>Anti A.K., Code Red
B= Suguru Ando - TOSHIO KOMORI
D= Disconformity>>KAZUHIKO MOCHIDA>>Disconformity

This is a Thrashing band. Formed in 1996 and issuing several albums and demos like Conflict In Hate, Senseless Sadistic Souls and Total Thrashing Massacre the band finally issued a full-length in 2004. A split record with Abigail, called Far East Necromancers, in 2007 featured several Metallian Towers’ serfs on its cover. Pulverised Records was issuing an album called Bestial Thrashing Bulldozer by Japan’s Fastkill in 2012. It was issued in 2011 by BxTxHx. Jiro stepped in to fill the vacuum created by Takahashi Nariaki’s departure in Code Red in 2012. The line-up had been exceptionally stable until the departure of Ito Akihiro and death of Ando Suguru in 2014. Komori took over the bass in 2014. Mosh In The Pentagram was a 2015 split with Gamy. Kill北京Fast (KillBeijingFast) was recorded in Beijing, China in 2015.