Shadowsouls' Garden - 1997 - Candlelight
Manifestum Infernalis - 2023 - Black Lion

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Eternal Lies>>Tommy Grönberg>>Eternal Lies - Lothlorien>>HENRIK SERHOLT

Sundown, Cemetary 1213, Beseech, Lavett>>MANNE ENGSTROM>>Sundown, Cemetary 1213, Beseech, Lavett – Sundown, Auberon>>ANDREAS JOHANSSON>>Sundown, Auberon

Tommy Grönberg - JOHN SILVER

Lothlorien>>Henrik Serholt>>Lothlorien - Sundown, Cemetary 1213, Those We Don't Speak Of, Lavett>>CHRISTIAN SILVER

History & Biography
Not to be confused with the German thrash metal act with the same name, these guys hailed from Sweden and released one album on Candlelight records. The band was active between 1992 and 1998. Scars In Dismal Icons was a 1995 demo. Per the rules, the band returned in 2016. Amazingly, the line-up had remained steady. An old recording called Hail Down Deep from 1998 was due for release as of then. Instead, the band began intermittently recording a new album in 2019 and again in 2021. Manifestum Infernalis was the 2023 album. Tommy Grönberg was replaced by Henrik Serholt on the mike and John Silver was on bass.


One of two new releases on Britain's Candlelight Records, Sweden's Fatal Embrace is a quartet whose debut CD was recorded just over a year ago at Studiomega. Adorned in a gothic jacket colour resembling that of Morgoth's Cursed album, the Swedes present the type of melodic style brought forth by the likes of In Flames and Ceremonial Oath. Fatal Embrace is darker in its approach, weaving a shroud of forlorn emptiness around the abundance of melody. There is no reproaching the band's approach which is only let down by the odd use of vocals akin to those of a drunken ghost. This vocalization is kept to a couple of occasions with the rest of the album continuing the band's rough mix of In Flames and Naglfar. This is recommended for seekers of both darkness and melody. One note though, can anyone recall whether there have been other bands with this name because it sounds familiar. - Ali "The Metallian"


Fatal Embrace