Stockholm Syndrome>>FATALIST - USA

The Depths Of Inhumanity - 2009 - Ibex Moon
The Bitter End – 2016 – F.D.A.

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Uphill Battle, Gath>>WES CALEY>>Gath

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History & Biography
The band was originally conceived as a Swedish death metal cover band called Stockholm Syndrome. Fatalist was formed in 2006 in California and issued a 2007 seven-song demo called Loss. The band formed by ex-members of Exhumed, Uphill Battle and Stump and played old school Swedish death metal in the vein of Entombed. The group was finishing work on its debut album, The Depths Of Inhumanity for Ibex Moon Records in late 2008. It was comprised of the band’s demo songs mostly.

Joining Neil and Art in Fatalist in 2010 was Sean Jessel (Mentacide) on drums, Matt Drexler on lead guitars and Mike Deity (Carnal Deity) on main vocals. This was the line-up that recorded the Death song Beyond The Unholy Grave for the movie After Party Massacre. Its drummer rejoined the band in late 2010. Tyler returned to a recently revamped line-up featuring Matt Drexler on lead guitar and Mike Deity (Carnal Deity) on vocals. The band and Incantation were playing several shows in November. The group disbanded in 2012, reformed in 2014 and issued a Promo demo. The 2016 album was another last hurrah as the band was again inactive. A couple of members remained semi-active in Dirty Dead.