Into The Mind - 1998 - Megahard
Eyes of Truth - 2002 - HTR
24th Century - 2005 - Hellion
The Cradle Of Life - 2014 - Arthorium

Fates Prophecy image
S= André Boragina - Sergio Faga - No Mercy, Seventh Seal>>Ricardo Peres>>Seventh Seal
G= Conrad Michelucci - PAULO DE ALMEIDA - Poseidon, dElohim, Shadow Of Mercy, Land Of Imperia>>IVAN SANTOS>>Land Of Imperia
B= Alexandre Ferreira - Fool’s Box>>RODRIGO BRIZZI>>Fool’s Box

São Paulo-based Fates Prophecy was formed in 1991 and had a single called Time To Live in 1992 through the brilliantly and obviously entitled We Love Money Corporation. A full-length, however, only materialized in 1998. 24th Century was issued three centuries too early and lead to another long period of silence for the band. In late summer of 2014, Arthorium Records issued the physical version of Brazilian heavy metal group Fates Prophecy’s The Cradle Of Life album. Leonardo Beteto was now on vocals. Peres had left before the physical version saw the light of day. The digital version had appeared in 2013. The band’s only constant has been Paulo De Almeida. Alexandre Ferreira had left in 2012.


There are the Christians and their Adam and Eve. Then there are the advocates for science and the Theory Of Evolution. Then there is Fates Prophecy and a theory and congruent artwork that seems to depict the Galapagos with a UFO on top.
Musically, things are a lot more certain. The Cradle Of Life’s first track is 24/7 To Death, which is reminiscent of a more aggressive early Iron Maiden song. The song is impressive and dynamic, but one cannot shake the feeling that it is too similar to Maiden’s self-titled debut and subsequent Killers album, albeit with Bruce Bruce on vocals. The track has urgency and in itself is a good song with a welcome dose of speed too. The band next branches out but thankfully never outside the realms of metal. The Brazilians are not to be dismissed as they deliver on impressive heaviness with power and a good vocalist, who ahs character and conviction, to boot.
New Degeneration is the second track and is also quite impressive. The second vocal track shows an attention to detail. A Prayer To The Sun exemplifies the band’s warm sounding and Steve Harris-influenced bass, Maiden-ish leads and easy to understand vocals. The title track slows down. The drums sound artificial and mechanic. This again is reminiscent of Iron Maiden especially the very Iron Maiden-ish guitar solo. Devil Is My Name is a hard rock/AOR track and rather commercial sounding. In contrast, One Life is a weaker ballad with bad vocals and strumming acoustics and a cong at the end. The boring song proves again that not every metal band must absolutely have a slow song. In Dark Places ends the album. It is a Crimson Glory cover. Listening to it, the thought was that it was the band mimicking Solitude Aeternus!
Singer Ricardo Peres, who is heard here, has already left the act so the band’s future is again up-in-the-air, but for now this release is thoroughly a success. This one was a pleasant surprise and a metallic joy to hear. – Ali “The Metallian”


Fates Prophecy