Femme Fatale - 1988 - MCA
One More For The Road – 2016 - FnA


S= Stained Glass, Babe Ruthless>>LORRAINE LEWIS>>Solo, Mercy, Submission Blue, Love Loell, Glamour Bomb, Snowball
G= Bill D'angelo - Babe Ruthless>>MAZZI RAWD
B= Stained Glass>>RICK RAEL


Albuquerque, New Mexico's Femme Fatale was a pop-cum-hard rock band which had relocated to L.A. in search of the "the big one'. The band’s debut album sold 250,000 copies thanks, in aprt, to MTV. Armed with a new line-up (Lewis was actually the band's second female vocalist) the band released an album with rumours indicating that Lewis was forming an all-girl band with folk from Vixen. Instead, she was later discovered in US North West and in Mercy. The band's biggest single (a 7") and video was Waiting For The Big One. Her solo band appeared on the sound track of Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead before she was in Mercy. Mercy and Submission Blue featured her new husband and was a Christian group for the couple were born-again Christians. Rael was Lewis' brother, while Rawd was her husband. Guitarist Bill D'Angelo passed away following a heart attack in the autumn of 2005.

Suncity Records signed Femme Fatale in 2009 for the release of its unreleased album, Lady In Waiting. The album was written and recorded in 1988. Femme Fatale's second album, One More For The Road, was actually released through FnA Records in 2016. The album was completed in 1990, but was shelved once the band was dropped by its then label MCA.



Femme Fatale